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HI, just purchased this script… having trouble uploading a large zip… 50MB.. I changed all the values in the config file.. still having problems.. the browser seems to time out .. and the connection times out..

I changed the values for LIMIT and EXECUTION to be “0” which I think is unlimited.. right?

Do the values in this script overwrite the values on your php.ini file??


Can I designate a folder or folders where the images are uploaded?

And how are they deleted from the folder(s)


When i try to upload any arzhive .zip, the browser display blank page, but when upload a multiple image the code run good.

I try to install in another server and in this run OK, the only difference to both is register_globals in first is OFF (not run code) and the other is ON (code run ok)

Please help me!


please check installed php_exif extension.

Hi, I am curious if you are able to edit the upload folder to be the current days date? If so, I’ll purchase this!

config.php on line 41: $params[‘foldername’] = isset($_REQUEST[‘foldername’]) ? intval($_REQUEST[‘foldername’]) : 0;

change to: $params[‘foldername’] = date(‘Ymd’); //display example: 20110413

Hello Ganjargal Bolor,

I have just purchased your image uploading/resizing script. It is working very well and is exactly what we where after.

I was wondering if it is possible to resize the thumb image to exact proportions, and also reduce the quality of the thumb very slightly to make the file smaller.

For example, we upload very large images around 2 – 4Mb and make the thumbnails which are 600px X 600px. We would like to make sure that the thumbs are always the same dimension, even if the original is not *. Also, we would like to reduce the quality down to 90% so if saves on some space.

  • The backgrounds are always white.
  • The images should be aligned in the centre when expanding.

I have used a script in the past that which actually does these two things. I am unable to combine them though…

Could you let me know if you have any advice.

Hi. I just can’t have the script confugured. Could anyone help me?

web root

url: path: /home/user/data/www/


url: path: /home/user/data/www/

image gallery

url: path: /home/user/data/www/

url: path: /home/user/data/www/

url: path: /home/user/data/www/

url: path: /home/user/data/www/

*chmod 0777 for all gallery folders

Thank You Ganjargal, Great Job!

Some improvement suggestion for the best image upload script ever.

1. possibility to delete images 2. folders names 3. upload progressbar

Nice script! Work fine :) Thanks!!

when downloading pictures or archive an error : File is empty!

Hi, Love this and it works like a charm, however I was wondering if it is possible to modify the thumbnail resize function so that it works with HEIGHT too.

eg if i set a max SIZE to 300 pixels and uploaded a 600 wide by 1200 high image the thumbnail would come out 75 wide and 300 high?

Again many thanks!

Hi I’m about to purchase your script but I have a few questions:

1.- I need to always resize all images to 400×300 automatically I don’t need an input to do that because all images must be 400×300, it is possible to set this somewhere on your script?

2.- I need to always apply the same 400×300 watermark to all the images uploaded, is this possible?

3.- It is possible to deactivate thumbnail creation?

Basically I need to always get as a final image a 400×300 watermarked picture and then insert the full path to mysql.

Thanks for your time!

Hi. Thanks for the script. I purchased this script and trying on localhost. But I get a white page without any errors. I checked php.ini file and config.php file. Values are true.

I tried on server and script works. Why doesn’t work on localhost? I have to work on localhost untill I finish my script. Can you help me?

please check php exif extension installed on your server.

Why not working localhost ? (wamp server) What is needed?

please edit config.php & check php exif extension installed on your localhost

hi .its great but i have a some problems. how can is change thumb size more 300px

The zip feature is not working well. We created a zip file with 3 photos to test it and it never worked.

please check config

When load a zip, the “Resize” is not working…


How can i upload zip file over 2 gb ? how should i configure to config file ?


Hello, I just love your script.One question. Can the file renamed on the upload?

Your demo site is gone…. :(

Now demo site is running