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Very soon I will provide live demo.

No need for live demo. Will provide just video demo!

It would be nice with a video or something to check how this works.

It will boost your sales

Very soon I will provide live demo and a video demo.

No need for live demo. Will provide just video demo!

Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I get a “Successfully uploaded file” message but when I check the folder, it’s empty.

Is the upload path of the folder correct?

No live demo …. No video demo ….

Ok, how view the script in action and see what it looks ?

Video demo will be available very soon. Its a php image upload class that securely uploads images to your server, for you to use in your projects.

I have used the class and take a look at the source code.. but i think you missed something important as i read around that you must re-create the image with any PHP method e.g:imagecreatefromfile, to prevent inserted codes between image raws … ! is it 100% safe ?

Yes, its 100% safe. I implemented my own way instead of imagecreatefromfile. When I upload the video demo you will see!

does it preserve exif data of the jpg?

Hello, it does not modify or recreate your image, it just scans your images and validates it for upload.

Hi, I am getting an error, wondering if you could help me here: Warning: move_uploaded_file(images/irish.jpg): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /Users/myname/Sites/Secure_Image_Uploader/Demo/imageUploader.class.php on line 88


Where would we enter php to connect file name to SQL database for matching references?

Does it as well handle image validation? i.e dimensions, size etc?

Theres another way for validation. Dimensions and size remains the same.