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I’ve just purchased this and hoped there’d be some instruction about how to format the ip whitelist.

If a range of ips is required or just a list of individual ips, how should I format this list?


That’s useful to know, but what about a list of separate IPs?

Is is possible to use a list of IPs? If that is possible how to format the list, comma separated or what? Thanks

Yes, Comma sperated

After a lot of experimenting, I can’t get IPs to work at all, not even a single one. All other parts work ok. Can you confirm IP filtering works and is tested on current version. Thanks

I can’t get IPs to work at all.

Need help.

Would be great if you could include a registration form so people who want to download the file have to fill in a form with email, details before being emailed the code and link?

Also…admin password would be useful. Looks good though. :)

Am interested in the security of the scripting though?

dont work please refund!

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I really like this script, it’s now the backend of my Online Audio Mastering service at I use it to send the previews and final files to my clients.

I’d like to see an auto-refresh option for the page, and auto delete of files once they’ve reached download limits.

Got the refresh working by adding in the header.tpl.php

Wish you had a dark theme too though :)

Good stuff.

Starting today i get this error: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ’/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/

how do i fix that?

disable the memcache extension in your php.ini, if you not use.

Works perfectly. I had to change my post_max_size = 8M in php.ini to post_max_size = 40M to allow up to 40M uploads. After that, it was a breeze. Using Hostgator.

I just uploaded everything as I received it in the download,

And I’m getting this error:

“File not found!”

Whats going on?

the index page url is: http://xxxx/admin.php, and .htaccess should put in the script folder.

Amazingly this worked immediately! I love it. Most other uploaders need crazy requirements and a lot of server knowledge… this script just Works! immediately after uploading with FTP it worked… very cool.

Feature Request: Multiple upload boxes. I want to use same features with many 20MB files. Multiple upload boxes would be very handy. Cheers.

5 Stars! :)

Hey again :)

How would I do the following? (If it’s possible)

A. Where it says public url, just have a button that says download instead of the link.

B. Make Folders (If It’s possible)

Thanks for the support!


Hi, great file! I have downloaded and installed in a minute.

It is possible to add a bar or a loading message that shows the uploading of the files? When you upload a file that requires some time to be upload it seems that nothing happens after clicking the button “generate URL for the uploading file”... until the file appears in the list.

Could you help me with this issue? Or suggest me a solution? Thanks a lot.

i think a how to instruction will definitely help for the starters…you cant expect always the pros to buy the script…

How do I make the notification email work? I can’t seem to make it work. Is it something that I ask to my hosting server provider? if it is, what do I ask for?

beside that, it works.

Thank you,

Script looks good, but to download the file a user has to copy and paste URL – would be good just to have a link to click.

That is one draw back for me.

Thanks..Where change anonymous@ip-xxx-xxx-xx in the email..?sended

Hi, can we upload videos from url, flv url videos for example


Daniel_R says


This script is amazing. The most simple file share script I drove test around Codecanyon. One thing I noticed though, is the lack of a upload bar message for big size files. A user would not have idea if it’s actually uploading or no. Just a suggestion. Is it possible to add this?

Just for the record, just tested your file. Looking for a file share script and yours is the most impressive. Thanks for your support.

Hi tmworks,

This script is great. Are you going to add an upload progress bar soon like you said? It would be an excellent feature.


Yes, i plan to update it next weak

Hi tmworks,

Works great in a minutes. please tell me how to make send mail with: link download: pass: expired when:

to admin and my client. I know, It’s must add line in admin.php to sent email to for my client. kindly tell me how.

thanks a lot

Sounds great but I am bit worried about support as I see many unanswered questions here…