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I need support for your product. How can I set it up so that it sends the email confirmation. I am having issues with that.

I have attempted to get support in two occasions. I need a resolution to my issue or a refund. I asked how can I send my FTP info privately so that you guys can help me trouble shoot why your code is not sending out the confirmation email. Without the confirmation email the entire system is useless. Please, I need your assistance.

Hello. Send your FTP details along Database access on admin@phoenixcoded.in
our support team will help you on that

I believe it’s a GoDaddy issue. I have everything configured correctly and I just need to trouble shoot the hosting limitations of sending email out. Has anybody had issues with one of your from on a GoDaddy hosted domain?

Hosting limit for sending mail is as Per hour wise for GoDaddy and its basic limit is around 200 hundreds mails per hour. Contact your hosting provider for that otherwise you can use Amazon SES on it.

Hi. Presale Q. With this script, i will be able to log the user social information?, for ex: his friends on facebook, age, gender, etc… (with the previous authorization of the user of course). This information is logged on a DB? Thank you!!

Hello vergara,
Yes you can log the user social information like Friends, age, gender, DOB etc.. but first of all you set the permissions on Facebook app and as well as customize the code for that. If you need extra customization then our team will be there.

Thanks. Another question… you can configure a redirect site when the users log in? Thanks!

Yes, you can configure it in this script.

I think at this point I would like to request a refund. Your solution did not work for me and I have already lost a lot of time with this. I specifically gave instructions as to not add or modify any MX records to your support team, and they still went ahead and modified my settings. I got a call from an angry customer complaining that they were not able to get emails this morning. I understand that coding a solution that works in a diversity of hosting services is hard but obviously your system is not working with my ISP’s settings. Please advice.

Hello, Crisrod63
First of all its not our duty to install the script on your server and handle your ISP settings. To do this you must paid extra to us for installation services

Your problem and our supports to this script

Your email : register@waterworldusa.com is first of all cant created on Godaddy panel then how we can send any mail through this email address.
After those email created by our support team – We also trying a lot from our side if your email cant have proper MX record than script side how we can handle your email problem.
Due to MX record i sent one mail to your email address but i cant receive any mail in your email’s inbox.
Our team was contact to your GoDaddy hosting provider but there was not proper answer receive by its Team and your issue can’t resolve by Godaddy team.
The other buyers doesn’t have any problem with this script. Then why you ??? Just deeply go through your email settings.
We cant give you any refund because our script is well tested by Envato teams and after tested all this things my script was live on marketplace.


I appreciate you time and effort. You guys could not get it to work, I already wasted enough time on this so I will simply move along and ether write or find a solution that actually works. As a matter of fact, I got one implemented, the only thing I need to do is add users privileges the the session.

can I know does this script create can create multiple users and multiple folders protection,

for eg. I have a specific functionality, where I can create clients username and password and I want to give access to that particular client folder, not all the folders

ok after purchasing this, will you be able to give me the modified code, or is that something I have to look after?

its chargable and not included in support

ok thanks for your time. I dont think your script will suit my needs.


i m not getting you Nubinx

Hello, i cant login to the system, admin account or regular

Hello, 4000foundationltd.
Thanks for purchase our item.
Something will be wrong on your installation. Kindly refer the provided documentation OR send the actual issue screenshot OR send your FTP details along Database access on mail :- phoenixcoded@gmail.com

hi, perform all the steps of the instructions and can not install it only on the blank screen.


apillai Purchased

I just purchased this and installed it on localhost – I have the pages working for admin login. However I tried Facebook login and get an error and same with Twitter. Please advice. Facebook error – The parameter app_id is required – even though I have specified that in the settings. Twitter error – Something wrong happened. The page that shows this error is /socialdata/login-twitter.php

Also – how do I set it up to get the modal login window? Thanks, Anu

Hello, apilla

Thanks for reaching out. Our Tech support team will check the issue and revert you back on Tomorrow.


How I can add custom parameters in user ? I need it for the shipping address because i’m using this to create an e-shop

For custom parameters – You must add it by manually and change the code & Database too.

There’s a developer manual for customizing the plugin?

There is only documentation included in package with installation steps and customize settings.

Hi, If i try to signup a user it show me a blank page. The modal version is totally no working. in inspect element it says when i load the page “[DOM] Found 2 elements with non-unique id #txtLoginEmail: (More info: https://goo.gl/9p2vKq) ” .

I’m really disappointed about this plugin. It no works. It create only problems.

Hello, cmddesign20 Can you please send us the complete screenshot of error. So we will check it from our end.


Thank you