SecretText - One time Message Solution!

SecretText - One time Message Solution!

Say hello to SecretText! The simple way for user to generate a encoded one time Secret.


Yes the user put in the Secret (can secure it with password also) and generate a link, the user can send the link to the other person, if the second person open the link, he get asked the they want really to watch the secret. If he submit he can only watch the secret ONE TIME after it it will get delete!

!!The Secret is encoded on Server with: AES 256 (if You use 32bit key)

The user can generate a password buy push one button to.

## Member Login

  • User can register with email and password, what can they do?
  • He can set how often can open the link.
  • He can track when the link gets terminate.

## Features

  • built with the official PHP password hashing functions, fitting the most modern password hashing/salting web standards
  • users can register, login, logout (with username, email, password)
  • remember-me (login via cookie)
  • AES 256 encoded data
  • uses PDO for database access
  • uses URL rewriting (“beautiful URLs”)
  • file- and folder protection via .htaccess
  • Bootstrap design
  • About Page, Privacy, Terms & Conditions Controller included

## Requirements

  • PHP 5.3.7+, PHP 5.4+ or PHP 5.5+
  • MySQL 5 database (better use versions 5.5+ as very old versions have a PDO injection bug” rel=”nofollow”>
  • activated mod_rewrite on your server (the tutorial shows how to do)
  • for encode you need Mcrypt (in tutorial how to install.)

Tutorial is included -> “_tutorial/documentation” and for MVC “”

Framework used: