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Very cool idea!

thank you, than buy it ;D

Do we have to have a login for this, meaning can I implement this into a social media network, using pure PHP frame?

I don’t know where you want to implement this. but If you have a good php knowledge is all possible

Nothing but internal server errors and I’ve triple checked that my DB information is correct. sql dump was imported but nothing works.

the script does work without problems on my server, on my mac and windows. pls check that the folder has permission at hatches you only need to set the subfolder, if not i comment the line

Every associated folder is set to 777. It is in root folder so I took out the line. All DB credentials are correct. I’ve tried this 5 times now and I’m getting nowhere.

Going to have to write this purchase off as a loss. Thanks for your time anyway.

Yea I did a full re-install, triple checked everything, and still a 500 error. This is getting pretty frustrating.

demo not working

Count works? E-mails are sent by PHP functions via SMTP or perhaps ??

When trying to register an account, I get a “file not found” error when surfing to /member/register

apache server? have you check the htaccess

This is extremely insecure. You are encrypting the message server-side and sending the original message and password in plain text over a POST request. is no longer supported. Will you be changing frameworks?

Maybe If I have time I change it to Laravel

Hi Stadoo,

I have downloaded your applications and installed it on windows 2012 R2 (IIS 8.5) the server can connect to the mysql server and I can acces the URL. But when I try to create a securelink I get Internal Server error.

DO you know how to fix this or is there a special methode to get this working on IIS?

Thanks for the answer,


Hi. With the IIS does the htaccess not working. You need to convert this to web.config I can’t test this pls try this: (Without sub-folder)

<rule name=”rule 1A” stopProcessing=”true”> <match url=”^(.+)$” /> <action type=”Rewrite” url=”/index.php?url={R:1}” appendQueryString=”true” /> </rule>

Hi, I’m trying to run your script thru a subdomain in a subfolder. Although I added the subfolder “v2” in htaccess as in documentation.txt, I get a “File not found – The requested URL /v2/privately/p/9800e1395a79c1c7b2710d4989ff6538 was not found on this server.” Not sure what to do now…

Hi Dear,

Demo section of the counter does not work

Is open source scripts?

Can the license be renewed in the future

I like the idea and tempted to purchase. I am concerned with the POST request security issue.


Script seems great by the way. I got everything working and connected to the DB and the DB imported. However, seems I have a rewrite issue and I can confirm Mod_Rewrite is installed. When trying to generate the link I always get a Not Found error.

I don’t see anything in the error logs. Any thoughts? :

Not Found

The requested URL /privately/p/0dd88a3e77a9a72e2e035ad93c8e40ff was not found on this server.

Hi once i submit a content i get this type of script ?????”hx?j?4~T????? y9?%R@C\u??V*???1O???t???????jK??

the problem is this Char #

can not installed I got 500 error after complete installation centos server got plesk panel and tried php 5.5.38 5.4 and 5.6

Hi Dear,

It gives an error when I want to register

Fatal error: Call to undefined function password_hash() in /home/kulbakbilge/public_html/orhun/application/models/member_model.php on line 46

I’m having trouble getting your script to work. I followed the instructions exactly but I’m getting a page that looks like this:

Any ideas? Thanks

Ok I got the script to look right, but now if you click on any link or button on the page, it just says page cant be displayed

Nevermind.. had the .htaccess in the wrong directory. Got it working now, thanks!

Hello , the script is working fine with me , but I have one issue please if I want to translate the site to another language which file I should modified ?

Hello, please check de config, there you can finde the define of strings bzw. at the views, there you can change the html