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Hello, Can I to change the words in other languages?

Yes of course, the dictionary words are stored conveniently in a separate file, within a simple array. Simply replace the words you want (or all of them) to the language of your choosing. Alphabet is also changeable.

No live demo?

I have included a live demo of the game. Enjoy!

Can I include only the words I wanted and alphabets I wanted? Also wanted to know whether I can integrate this into a wordpress website or not?

Yes you can include any words that you wish, there is a huge array of words in the file words.js and the alphabet is also customizable. Integration with a worpress site should not be difficult at all as we are not using global variables, just make sure you include all the minified files. If you run into problems feel free to contact me via email.

Hello, I purchased this game and I really like it. One think I would like to add is a hint for every word. Can you help me with that?

The selected word is stored under Globals.word variable. All the words are derived from words.js in the folder /libs. What you could do is add an array of hints for each (or some) words and match the selected word with its hint. Or if you want to simply show some letters from the selected word (like the first and last letter) you could split the selected word and show only them. The easiest way would be to colorize some letters in the board that exist in the selected word. If you want a sample of how to do that drop me a line at: contact[at]netgfx.com and I can send you some sample code.

Hi, was this made with a game engine, or JavaScript library (phaser, easel?) Or straight html JavaScript? Thanks in advance

Hi, I like the idea of adding a hint (as mentioned above) Is there anyway you could include a version with the hints too? Cheers

Contact me with email for more details.

ok thanks

You could add hints of words and music in the background? I intend to buy.

Yes I could add music, but hints require some re-work. I could modify the item for you post purchase. Send me an email through my profile.

I have interest beyond the music as if he had put a tip for the person to know which letters to choose, for example: The tip is: FRUIT

It is possible these changes? ‘ll Be happy to buy.

Yes it surely is possible however its quite the work to assosiate hints with all the different words, as the game supports over 1800 words. I could add the placeholder so that you could add the hints yourself.

sorry double post.


I’m trying to customise the hangman game, however I have difficulty to resolve the following issues:

1) Need a secret phrase (instead of word) composed by 3 words (with spaces of course) 2) Need to change the tries to seven, then a message that the player has lost or a congratulations message with a link.

Could you please help me on these issues asap?

Thank you

Sure I can help send me an email at info[at]netgfx.com

Hi, Great game man! love it!! 1. I opened in chrome but it didn’t like the browser size? 2. Are you able or can you add categories then a user will be able to choose CAT or topics so it’s slightly easier to guess the meaning? 3. Does it accept RTL languages 4. can you add a hint word?

I would love to purchase :)

Many thanks Ib.

Thanks. I was able to open it even with iPhone6 on both (device & chrome emulator) I can add categories, yes but that would be extra development. We can talk about it if you want (send me a direct email). But it is extendable so it shouldn’t be too difficult to add. For RTL languages I haven’t checked but it only displays letters so it shouldn’t be a problem (all words can be replaced). I have added hint word functionality for others that have purchased in the past, so it is doable for sure. As for the development of it same as (2) applies, send me a direct email.