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Can you make the page url seo friendly instead of numbering?

Hi, we have a version of SEO friendly, if you want it.

Nice script, thinking of buyng but have few questions. Script needs god server? Becouse most of servers have max file upload 20mb, so if video is bigger, then it will not work, yep? Second question, or there is video approval by admin?

But mai purpuse video uploading?

Sorry, this feature is not available.

How can we get the SEO friendly version – I would like to buy the script.. thanks

Yes, please purchase this version and we will send you SEO friendly version on your email.

I have bought it – my email is thanks


I would also like a copy of the SEO Friendly version if possible.

my email address is

Hi, I sent you the script, please just update the templates folder.

hi there,

I am able to import Youtube videos but it seem that I cannot import youtube playlists and channels. For channels it spends lots of time ‘thinking’ and nothing happens for minutes on end until I have to give up.

For playlists it finds the youtube playlist but when i click Save, the playlist doesn’t appear under the playlists tab and it is not saved. Managed to get the videos from a playlist to be imported but I would like the playlist as a playlist to be there as well channels as channels – or this is what i understood it would do. What could be the issue since there were no problems when I installed the script? Also in regard to a video listing I cannot see the 6 videos supposed to be under View related videos – can you explain in a few words how the related videos get to show (ie similar category or keyword?) maybe they would show in due course… Thanks

I have installed the SEO version, Youtube Playlist and single video working. But Youtube Channel are not working. Can not fetch any video from any Youtube Channel. I even tried a channel with 2 videos in it and it never fetched a video from it. Please help. I tried to contact you using Help section but not received any reply.

I tried with the Channel Name, User Name, complete Youtube URL but it just starts a progress bar. If you please check it. I will send you user login details of the control panel in private.

As you have replied to me that I have an issue with the db. Please tell me what exactly is the problem. I tried this script on 3 different hosts and that same problem occours, can import single and playlist youtube vids but do not import youtube channel vids. the progress bar continue to animate with the text Please Wait… Please guide me.

1 license for unlimited domain ?

Hi, Yes you can

Hi, can you help me edit this scripts to get website in google index soon, your scripts can’t get link in google index :(

Is there a way to get RSS Feed for the categories?

Do you have a new update?

getting 404 error when testing. Please update and replay when you get the chance.

Hi hifidev, What are you talking about ?

Please, I would also like a copy of the SEO Friendly version if possible.

Hi Willleboss, Please check your email to download the SEO Friendly version.

Hello, when I add a video stops working the web, it appears blank.

What support is this that you have not yet answered after a week?


leirap Purchased


We are very sorry, there is no future update.

arabic rtl support ???!!!

Sorry, Arabic is not supported

please update earning system on it