SeaVuel | Multilingual - Hotel website with CMS | Bootstrap theme

SeaVuel | Multilingual - Hotel website with CMS | Bootstrap theme

SeaVuel | Hotel CMS/template
create and manage a hotel/resort website

Seavuel was built for 3 main reasons:

  • provide an easy and straightforward way for the hotel-manager to update his website (no modules, settings to distract him)
  • provide an easy way to connect his website with 3rd party booking engines/channel managers (the new standard for the industry)
  • provide an easy way for the hotel-manager to upload 360° VR photos (using his smartphone photosphere-app)

Except the main reasons above, also Seavuel has many more features, as you expected, listed below.

Features list

  • Quick install in less than 5 minutes (Using Processwire wizard)
  • Responsive (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • Multilingual (front-end, backend)
  • Book-Online search form which supports:
    • LittleHotelier
    • WebHotelier
    • TravelClick
    • Beds24
    • BookWize
    • eZeeReservation
    • FreeToBook
    • WuBook
    • Add your own easily
  • Translations (front-end, backend)
  • Powerfull admin panel (Processwire) that makes sense for both the developer & client
  • Frontend – edit inline. Update text, images directly on the website.
  • Easily create pages, sub-pages, add photos, rich-text(CK-Editor)
  • Upload VR photos. Online visitors can see 360° VR photos taken from simple smartphone VR camera apps even on their Cardboard.
  • Easy to customize (create your own layouts and data fields)
  • Based on PDO/MySQL – PHP5 – HTML5 – CSS3 – Bootstrap 3.3.7
  • Multiple back-end users with discrete roles (on page-editing fields and/or templates)
  • Deliver an equally satisfying experience to the designer, developer and end-user
  • SEO ready (clean URLs, structured data, support for all meta-tags/including facebook/twitter, alternate language URLs)
  • Auto-generated sitemap.xml on url: /sitemap.xml for all pages/languages
  • Optimized for high performance
  • Increased security (CSRF, XSS, SQL Injection)
  • Icons font (Font Awesome 5)
  • Google Maps API V3
  • Google Recaptcha for the contact-form
  • EU Cookie Law prompt(Cookie Consent)
  • Helpful documentation + Processwire documentation


2017 February 21 – Version 1.1

- added:
    - added: NEW booking-engine providers:
        - Beds24
        - BookWize
        - eZeeReservation
        - FreeToBook
        - WuBook
    - added: menu page called: "booking" so that the user can send a booking request through a form
    - added: new search-form called booking.on.request that posts on the newly created "booking" page
    - added: loading indicator for panel button & forms submit button
    - added: extra 360 VR images on SeaVuel demo on all rooms

- bugfixes:
    - fixed: padding on menu logo
    - fixed: removed unwanted outline, bg color from various states :focus, :active etc

- improved:
    - improved: added image on 404 page
    - improved: removed border-radius from mobile menu buttons
    - improved: child pages on sections-layout pages displayed on top-right
    - improved: changed image VR logo overlay

2017 February 1 – Version 1.0

- Initial release