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Can this put into post/page as shortcode, and present it in multi-column?

Hi envat0, shortcode is not available in this version. You can use php within your theme or you could also add this peice of code to your functions.php file.

// Add shortcode for Seasonal Archives [seasons ]
function cdl_seasonal_archives_sc( $atts ){
    extract( shortcode_atts( array(
        'type' => 'seasonal',
        'show_post_count' => false
    ), $atts ) );
    if ( function_exists( 'cdl_season_archives' ) )
         return cdl_season_archives(array('type'=> $type,'show_post_count' => $show_post_count));
add_shortcode( 'seasons', 'cdl_seasonal_archives_sc' );
You can then use the shortcode [seasons type="quarter"]

I’m not sure what you mean by multi-column, can you explain a bit more?


Hi Can the seasonal months be changed? E.g. I want Winter to be Dec-Feb, Spring – Mar-May and so on. Thanks

Hi, sorry for late reply. Yes the seasons can be changed from Southern to Norther Hemisphere Seasons. It’s an option in the plugins settings.

Hi, Thanks but that wasn’t my question. I was asking whether the month selection that you chose can be changed to what i wrote above. You state that Winter is Jan-Mar, i believe winter must include December etc. This is not a simple change of Northern to Southern, i am in the Northern hemisphere by the way. Thanks again.

Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes you can adjust the values within the code to suit your needs. At the moment it is set up for the Northern Hemi to have Winter as Dec to Feb, Spring as Mar to May, Summer as June to Aug and Fall as Sept to Nov.

Again sorry for the late reply, for some reason I am not getting notified when a question is asked.

Sorry, see above.

Hi Consofas,

Would I be able to go into the code and edit the anchor text for the links to be as follows:

2013 Q1 2012 Q4 2012 Q3 2012 Q2 2012 Q1 2011 Q4 2011 Q3

Thanks for your time, Ben.

Hi Ben, Yes you could change to code on lines 218 and 219 (month and text) and also the switch functions cdl_qtr on lines 130 and 150. That would allow you to modify the output quite easily.

Hi Consofas,

Thanks – got it working perfectly.

All the best, Ben.

The Quarterly are being generated when the 3 months are content. Is there any way that is generated when the first month has content?

Each Quarter will be generated as soon as there is content published within it’s timeframe. You do not need 3 months of content, just at least 1 post published within each 3 month time frame. So basically it is generated when the first month has content. I hope this answers your question.

If I uninstall this plugin The default yearly wp_get_archives fails? How can I fix this?

I cannot replicate this error on my tests, can you send me a screenshot or more information. Thanks.

Sure do you have an email address. What basically happens is if I install the plugin the wp_get_archives(‘type=yearly’); PHP fails after the last li and the rest of the page is not loaded.

You can email me directly through my profile. Have you removed the plugin or just uninstalled it? If you remove do you still get this problem. Because if you do then I am sure it’s not my plugin causing this problem. Email me anyway and we will see if we can fix it for you.

Hi, will this plugin also working in Version 4.0 and higher? Many thanks in advance.

Yes, the current demo is running 4.3.x

Hello there Is it possible to archive By category. I am using a magazine flipbook and we want customers to see previous editions. 2011 Jan-Dec and so on.

Many thanks

Hi, yes this is possible. If it’s not working for you the way you want let me know and I can make some small coding changes for you.

Thanks I will go ahead and buy this. Will let you know how it we get on.

Thanks for repying earlier. I have already bought the plugin.

can you modify the code or give me instructions as follows please:-

In the category drop down I want to archives to be by year. when you select 2011, it will take you to a posts page that has all the thumbnails for Jan-Dec 2011 ;

Then 2012 etc.

Then we get to current year it will then show the past months in the current year.

Thanks in advance.

The will be implemented on

hi haven’t purchased this yet as i’m assessing its suitability. Can it be set as Spring/Summer 2016, Autumn/Winter 2016?

Hi, thanks for your question. At the moment no, but it could easily be modified to do this. The only problem I see is that Winter (or Summer in the Southern Hemi) spans 2 years 2016/2017. How would you like to display that?

Hi, I’m wondering how to specify the template used to display the archive, i.e, is currently using index.php not archive.php.

Hi, are you wanting to filter by category? Sorry, I am not quite sure what your asking.

Hi! Is it possible to set a custom start date for montlhy archive? For example I want to list all posts between 25 mars and 24 april.

It is possible but would have to be done with some custom coding. If you have some coding experience then you should be able to see where the changes need to be made. Or you could contact me through my profile and work something out.


compac Purchased


i purchase your plugin “Seasonal Archives” and i have a little problem. I want to display only the category call “actualites”. I see in your PHP : // Uncomment line below to filter by category ID, replace the number in () for you cat ID. //$query .= ” AND term_taxonomy.term_id IN (3)”; And when i do that it’s doesn’t work, can you help me? Thanks and sorry for my bad english. Laetitia

Hi, I have a solution for you and will update the plugin on CodeCanyon today although they may not approve the update for a couple of days. If you need the solution faster please email me directly through my profile and I can send it to you. Thanks.