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I’ve sent you an email !

Thanks, now it’s working! This script can work also with the soundcloud API ? If so , can you give me some hints on how to make it work with soundcloud. Thanks again!

Happy to hear this good news :)

We are already working on the SoundCloud functionality. You will get a free update directly here on Codecanyon, when it’s finished.

Best wishes from Stuttgart, Germany.

Great but how can user see the songs they add to favorite by clicking the heart? Also, there should be some sort of navigation to bring back the search box after hitting hide and also for favorite. Also, is it possible to show 5 results?

five star product here ’’ love it geezer’‘

Hi again! Any news regarding soundcloud update ? Thanks!

Anybody here ? :)

Yeah :)

Do you still support this item?

for more result when you search some music I think it’s iin this line :

$xml = simplexml_load_file(''.$search.'&restriction='.$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'].'&orderby=relevance&max-results=1&v=2&lr=de'); // &lr=de

try to replace : max-results=1 to max-results=2


Please include a play button beside the search result’s ,so the user’s don’t get confused. Also please try to include more search result’s

has anyone gotten updated support on this ?? I am looking to purchase, but from reading the comments, it doesnt seem anyone is paying attention to it.


I reupload it. Sorry, didn’t noticed…

there is no demo on the link. please demo

I reupload it. Sorry, didn’t noticed…

demo url is down!

I reupload it. Sorry, didn’t noticed…

would like to know when developer is back on board and if soundcloud api was added yet?


Sorry, because of the Terms of SoundCloud, I am not allowed to embed music from SoundCloud in this project :(

You have to do it manually. I am sorry.

Demo not working, can you plz upload the demo ?

Awesome app, love it.. how can we speed up search results for mobile internet speed and low internet connections?

How to evaluate this item without a working demo?

Demo not working. Are you still selling this item??