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jammanu Purchased

custom css is not changing anything

You have to add the search form with shortcode or widget to to see the form.

You have to remove <pre> and </pre> from the css for the styling to work. Only add the following:

form.searchform input[type=text] { width: 100%; height: 60px; line-height: 60px; text-align: center; }



The test pages seems to be removed.

The css on your tour page seems to be updated and working.

Let me know if you still need any help!



tpphost Purchased

presales question: I already have a very nice search bar on my site. Do I have to use your search bar, or can I use the one I already have created? Also are the search results mobile friendly?


tpphost Purchased

Figured I would take a chance and buy this. It worked instantly with my search bar! However I did run across a bug in it, which I am guessing may be related to the recent WP 4.9.2 update:

ADMIN > SETTINGS > SEARCHFORD > LIVE SEARCH tab: the area for selecting colors doesnt work. I.e. it shows the labels but no color selection tool nor field.

Let me know if I can privately provide you any info so you can see what I am referring to. Thanks!


It is indeed a bug! Thanks for letting me know.

I will fix it and push an update, hopefully within a few days.


Hi there! I’m having a problem with “Settings > Searchford > General Settings > Exclude Specific > Posts or Pages”, the pages that I added in the list (e.g: 479,1624,1617) keep coming up in search results. Note 1: The “Exclude Posts That Contain These Terms” works like a charm. Note 2: I’m using the default Wordpress search field/form. Can you help me, please? Thanks!


Could you kindly provide a link to your site? I’ll take a look.


Of course!

Search button on the up right corner.

Maybe some of the info below can help you out…

Excluded Page ID -> Page Title

479 -> Termo de Uso

481 -> Contato

518 -> Home

540 -> Loja

541 -> Carrinho

542 -> Finalizar compra

543 -> Minha Conta

549 -> Content restricted

556 -> Meus Cursos

569 -> Compra de Assinatura

1617 -> Assine Sínteses

1624 -> Assinatura realizada com sucesso

1891 -> Browse Novo

1977 -> Suporte

If you search for the word “assine” (translation of ‘sign up’) it will return several ‘excluded’ pages.

Using the word “contato” (‘contact’), it won’t return the specific page (id 481), however, it will show other ‘excluded’ pages.

Using “minha” (‘my’), “sucesso” (‘success’) or “suporte” (‘support’) it will currently return 26 duplicated results divided in 4 pages.

My guess is that are certain words which cause a bug in the search.


Thanks for your detailed information.

In cases like this, it’s usually because the search results are overwritten by your theme or other plugins.

Are you using other search plugins or “posts order” type of plugins? Can you try to deactivate all other plugins and see if the search results are correct? If the search results are still wrong it may be related to your theme.

I can take a look at your theme if you are comfortable with giving me Dashboard and FTP login. Please send any sensitive information to


I’m looking for a plugin that will pull up a specific article and/or page based on what the user searches. Is that possible with this plugin?


Yes! This plugin can find pages or blog posts based on the user’s search.



I have just installed your plugin and what I was most worried about was the integration with menu bar with shortcode. It appeared to be a piece of cake. I can find a search box where I wanted it to be. That’s great!

However, the website consists od Custom Post Type with many many posts. I tried all possible (I think) settings and I cannot search for anything that is placed in CPT (I choosed title or content and nothing changes). Of course I choosed in settings to search inside the CPT and Pages.

EDIT: To be precise, I should add that my posts include ACF-based text fields, however there is option to check those kind of fields in settings page.

Take care! Przemo.


Would you be able to send me a link to your site, and give me some examples of what you are searching for and what you results you expect?

You can also reach me at

Have you tried to deactivate all other plugins to see if search results are correct? Some plugins like other search plugins or post order plugins may overwrite the search results.



Thank you in advance for the answer. Presale question: we want to create a name search through more than 1 million names we already have. For e.g. let/s say that you want to reserve a name like “company” and first you want to search if the name is available. Your name “company” will than be searched through the 1 mil. existing names we have and if it finds another name identical “company” or similar like “company 123”, company “abc” it will tell you that the name is already taken or matched with the others.

Is it possible to do that search with your plugin?


Sorry, this plugin won’t be able to achieve what you want.