Discussion on SearchAzon - WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Auto Search Plugin

Discussion on SearchAzon - WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Auto Search Plugin

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this plugin still works or is it out dated

Hi, thanks for the great plugin. Would it be possible to add another countrie to your plugin. Would like it if The Netherlands is available so i can send cutomers to Amazon Netherlands

SearchAzon is not displaying any product searches on my page ? no support available . what do i do ?

SearchAzon not displaying any product on your demo page also.

only icon moving round and round

I am using rehub theme, no results from this plugin on either woocommerce or blog search


Please open a support ticket request on our platform and we will be happy to help you!

I could not locate the plugin SearchAzon on your support site

Please share the knowledgebase location for this plugin


If you’re looking for the documentation file, here it is:

Congratulations on the plugin!

About 6 months ago I went through your plugin and I didn’t buy it because your plugin doesn’t work with Amazon Brasil and I didn’t leave comments about it.

And I believe that many Brazilians like me do the same. They end up knowing your plugin and even want to buy it but simply give up when you don’t support Amazon Brasil.

So going back to check I see that you haven’t added resources for your searchAzon plugin to work with Amazon Brasil. This is a pity – Again lost on sale!

Suggestion: Implement your plugin integration with Amazon Brazil and think big and extend this current plugin to also work with: Aliexpress, Ebay, Shopee, Mercado Livre and B2W Marketplace

Because I believe your current and future customers would love this!


Thank you for your feedback!

We might take under consideration to implement it in a future update.

Congratulations on the excellent product. However, I bought it and found out that you do not support Amazon Brazil ( Do you have any estimate to deploy this feature?


Unfortunately we do not plan to add Amazon Brazil in the near future. We might take it under consideration if there will be more requests for this.

I mentioned before that the results not show up and that was due to JS errors, I tried to change the theme with default theme and naming the plugin folder and other usual staff, but no results.

here is what i see:

Okay, I get it fixed, it was due to optimization feature in my theme called: Remove jQuery Migrate – Remove jQuery Migrate eliminates a JS file and can improve load time.

When this disabled, the plugin worked like a charm.

Thank you and sorry for inconvenience.

Responsive Overrides is not working. When I choose the number of columns in the Responsive Overrides tap nothing changes.

For example: show in 1280px 4 col and it neglect that and only shows 3.


Okay, I get it to work by double click on the # item / column, single click and save isn’t working , weird!

Brazil is available?


Unfortunately Brazil is not available. Only United States, United Kingdom, Deutschland, France, Japan, Canada, Italia, España and India.

What is the latest version of this plugin? I cannot find out the new updates from my admin panel? I only see: Version 1.4.1


1.4.1 is the latest version of the plugin.

The plugin stopped working and not showing any results.


Please open a support ticket request on our platform and we will take a look into this:

Hello. I found 2 bugs:

(1) The stars rating acts like a link (my cursor changes to a hand) when you hover over the stars, but you can’t click on it.

(2) The number that is next to the stars is a link that goes nowhere (the code says “a href=#”).

Can you please make the stars and number not be a link (or act like a link that doesn’t work)? It seems very strange, especially when the link goes to the same search results page on my website. Thank you.

Does it work on amazon affiliate Australia?

Unfortunately not at the moment.

Can products from the search result be added to the WooCommerce cart?


No. They can be added to Amazon cart using your associate id.

Hello,demo is not working for amazon spain products keep loading.

Can you please tell us how did you check the demo on Amazon Spain?

I previously submitted a ticket. same issue i am facing again please resolve this.

Is it works on ajax search ??

Yes it does. Also, we see that your support period has expired. You may need to buy an extend.

I will buy it obviously but allow me to renew it in a week or two. but i need your help right now i have submitted the wordpress login details and hosting details already please resolve the issue. Same is the issue again for which i had submitted the ticket.

is this plugin using Product Advertising API 5.0 ?

Yes, it does.

Hello sirs!

I am using your amazon affiliate plugins and recently purchased your ebay affiliate plugin.

Sadly, only now that i came across your SearchAzon plugin, i would have bought and installed it way back. I am about to buy it i just want to know some factoids if you have time to respond for everyone’s knowledge.

1. I only have 2 amazon affiliate account IDs spread in websites. 1 for Amazon US and another for Amazon AU. Can i restrict this search plugin for amazon affiliates to specific geo-location only per website. Because if the search results (for example) will show amazon products from UK, my amazon affiliate ID from US and AU will not allow me to earn commission from sales of products sold from Amazon UK.

2. Is this plugin usable for unlimited woocommerce /wordpress sites?

3. Having mentioned to also have ebay affiliate webstore using you ebay affiliate plugin, may i ask if you also offer the same genius plug-in you created for amazon affiliates which is SearchAzon? SearchEbay plugin for ebay affiliates perhaps?

I ask these questions bec i want to know and improve / fortify my affiliate projects. I do not ask these questions as pre-condition to me buying SearchAzon.

Thank you for your time sir. Have a pleasant day ahead


1. Yes, you can. 2. Yes, but a Regular License can be used on a single domain only. If you want to install the plugin on more websites you need a licenses for each single domain. 3. No, we do not plan to develop a SearchEbay app in the future.

Can I checkout on woocommerce after search?

No, the checkout is done on Amazon.

Regards, Daniel

Is there a way to open the the mobile app for mobile users?


Can you please explain better what are you referring exactly?

Regards, Daniel


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