Search and Replace for Wordpress

Search and Replace for Wordpress

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With this plugin you can search and replace strings in you Wordpress website. This will not change your database data because the search and replace is done just before the content is shown on the screen.

With this plugin you can also define wich replaces should be applied to what parts of the website. Below you find a list of content parts that you can select for a replacement action.

  • Full content (The complete html page)
  • Post/Page content
  • Post excerpt
  • Tags
  • Post title
  • Blog title
  • Comment excerpt
  • Comment text

Where to use

There are many ways that you can use this plugin but here are a few:

  1. Automaticly convert the word codecanyon to a codecanyon referral link  :)
  2. Auto replace bad words in comments only. This way you can still use bad words in your posts and pages content  :)
  3. In some post you want to place an Google Adsense block. Create a string myadsenseblock that will automaticly be replaced by an Adsense code.
  4. Add some custom smilies to your blog
  5. ...