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Great job! I have several questions: how to replace the blue button in the main menu on your own? I can do more or fewer columns? I realized that all text entries I do “Trafico2/trafico.plist”? thank you

Thanks for your purchase! You can modify the blue buttons bearing in mind that in addition to the class associated linked text in the file: “trafico.plist”. In addition, each button is related to a view in the Storyboard. You must keep in mind that if you add more buttons you have to add the corresponding structure “trafico.plist” for that section, and relate it to the corresponding view.

Hi, I have question before I buy this one. Can this project get data from server. I need update data from server for user easy get more information. So, Please take care this function. Thanks

Hi hoangnn! Data are taken locally. Get data from server is an update for next release.

Great. I hope you support get data from server as soon as. Also support link website to safari. Waiting for your update. Thanks

hello how to contact with you? do you have skype?

Hi! Do you have a good program, I did, and I was accepted into the App Store! I saw that you posted? Now you can download the information from the server? If so, how? Thanks in advance! And I want to put five stars, but I could not find where it can be done Envato? Tell me, and I will, of course, will vote! thank you

Great! What’s the app’s name? I updated the code, and you can download the new version, with all the new documentation from you “Downloads” menu. With this version you can upload the .plist file to update the data. To rating the app you can do it at “Downloads” menu and rating and comment. Thank you to support the app! Regards


How is the app updated online? Is it through XML? Does it have a platform (website) to change the details? Which details?


Now, you have to update a ”.plist” file and upload to your server. You can change title, descriptions and images. A website plataform is a good feature for next updates. Thank you!

Project has several errors and does not allow me to run the app!! I am using the latest version of xCode 6.1.1

Hi jmfer1!

Thank for warning me. Please, send me your personal email and I will send you the files updated without any warning and/or error. Or if you prefer, I will update the project with the modified files on CodeCanyon.

Regards, TargetBox

Hello jmfer1,

To solve the row poblation, search a line like:

NSString *finalPath = [path stringByAppendingPathComponent:@”../Documents/trafico.plist”];

and update with:

NSString *finalPath = [path stringByAppendingPathComponent:@”trafico.plist”];

As a customer, I will give support and offer a solution. if you are not satisfied with the product or my support , you can contact with Envato Market.