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That’s Cool, Very Nice, Good Luck with sales, I’m a dollar short in my account, otherwise I’d buy it… Hope you do well… :-)

Thank you! Hope you get more dollars in your account!!! :D

I will for sure, take care, have a great day :-)

When the puffer fish kills me: congratulations you’ve reached a new record … why???

...makes more sense to say that I’m dead, so the records are not stored.

We have updated the game and added some new features.

Ok but can you send me .capx? i need for my URL and other modify.

Email us and we will send the .capx file for you.

Can you please email me the .capx source file to carsenk (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you!

Hi and thank you for your purchase.

I have answered your question via email. Check it.

Can you please please please email me the .capx source file to oscartaylor (at) me (dot) com. I really appreciate if you can do it, im in a big hurry :/ thanks!

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

I will email it to you soon.

Great game ( 5 Stars ) and even better support! Thank you.


Thank you! :D

Hi, I have a serious problem, I bought your game and can not open capx. due to the fact that I no have plugin clay.io , new plug the update does not fit an error and will not let me open the game do not you throw me clay.io plugin will be very grateful.

Hi and sorry for the delay,

You can download the plugin from this link: https://mega.co.nz/#!Yg4CHb4I!-tbSS4U6AKIehDCQVjOgYZoqF-CGhcm0qS2EeZThQcw

Hope it helps you. If you faced any other issues, feel free to ask.