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Hello, my question is does your work with Cyrillic script? thank you

Hello, my question is does your work with Cyrillic script? thank you

it’s supported but you have to create files for your language after installation.

Bootcomemrce allow to add new language via some *.ini files (very simple method)

Hello I get the bootcommerce digital goods plugins and I copied folder as I make for the update but it show that there is a pluguins addes but there is no featured of this pluguins please help

Please seno me tour link via mail with an admin account To See The problem

Hi, am having trouble installing the plugin can you be more specific about how to install because I did all your installation process still can,t get it working can you help.

i have no your ftp data, the plugin has a giude into pachage. if you want and you trust me you can give me the credentials for ftp and so i can try to fix problem.

Sorry for inconvenience and delay but i’m not in office, I’m still on vacation

Hi, I have send you the ftp and admin details, pls check your email thanks.

hi, i don’t understand what you did. i see that some folders not exist, for example “multitaxes” into plugins directory (it’s a default plugin and so it must exist).

to install the new plugin you have overwrite the directories and files into package following the structure, not put “plugin DIGITAL GOODS 1.2.1” folder into plugins directory (it’s not wordpress).

i suggest you to install again bootcommerce and after install plugin)

do not forgot to erase database tables to for a new installation

Work with php7?

sure ;-)

p.s. this product is not a standalone software but it’s a plugin of Bootcommerce :


thx! i know, i have déja purchase your fantastic script BC

I know you’re going to work on the billing/shipping address issue. Very much appreciated. Had another thought. Can you implement a way to sell a bundle? ie. I sell only digital goods. I have uploaded over 40 products. Say I want to sell 5 particular products already uploaded as a ‘bundle’. In your next update can you find a way to enter a product and tag multiple files for that product? Preferably files already uploaded so we don’t have to upload again. Doesn’t have to be right away, but would really be a great feature. Thanks again for a great product.

Another thought. Anyway to include FREE products? Say I want to give something away. I can enter $0 but it still goes to PayPal and PayPal wants you to enter a value greater than 0. Anyway to bypass PayPal for free products?

hi, this is a shopping cart and not include free items. please make a list of customizations you need, and then we agree by email

Hi MrPlugins any updates in the near future ?

hi, have no features or update into pipeline. i’m working on another project. if you have some requests or problem please write me in pvt via email or skype. thanks and sorry

Thank you. I have no issues at the moment with this script. I will email in pvt


Hi how are you? I need the full ecom store for digital and b2b and b2c, can you please help me with the installation? Can I bulk import the products too? Can I have multiple sellers using this to sell their own products? thank you in advance

Hi I purchased this twice please can you refund one of the items SDGs Sell Digital Goods – Plugin For BootCommerce, I was not showing me the option to download the first purchase

hi, please follows the refund procedure on envato


Kgooden Purchased

Please my developer Roxanne send you a message on skype and emailed you but no reply