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i can’t install

I have resolved install issue

This doesn’t install properly. I did send you an email but never had chance to reply to your initial response the issue is that when installing this it does not even attempt to change the default values for the MySQL details. When I ran a diagnostics it returned with failed to connect at root@’localhost’ which are not the details I entered. Once I finally got it to work, I had to change all of the core files and then it installed the tables into the database. However now my issue is that you can make changes and create projects but they don’t actually appear.

The default values are not changing because of config settings inside htaccess. Changing of core files is not recommended as it can cause unwanted results. I will definitely look into why the projects that you are creating is not showing up.

I understand that I’m not supposed to edit them, that was my point. The reason I had to edit them was because the installer was not creating the database, it didn’t even use the information I put into the form and used default values.

How do you install your system? We followed instruction from <>`_ according to your document but it is not working. Please advice


1. Unzip the project files. 2. Upload it in your server. 3. Now type <yourdomainname>/install 4. Fill in the details and install

You can email me at for any issue

HTTP Error 500

I’ve just tried to install this again and it still doesn’t work… I meet the 3 requirements listed, however when I go to the folder that I have uploaded all of the files to, let’s say I installed it on: ”<my domain>/scrum” and once I go to that location, it doesn’t redirect me to /scrum/install it just shows the install page but on the root install directory. If I try to manually go to /scrum/install it says it doesn’t exist.

Anyway, I then fill out the detail on the /scrum/ page and press install and it shows this:

Not Found

The requested URL /scrum/install/install_application was not found on this server.

I’ve got no idea and I’m beginning to lose patience with this now, any ideas?

This issue is because of .htaccess file issue in your server. Please send me an email at and I will support you there till it gets installed and working fine.

I’ve sent you an email.

Hi, i’ve send you two mails. Can you please respond? Greetz Adnan


crenox Purchased

I am going to need to report this shortly, I have been waiting for nearly a month for support, I’ve sent multiple emails but you haven’t responded. Yes it says that you do not offer installation instructions, however no one can physically install this, which can be seen from the comments. So can you actually help me or am I going to need to get a refund for this item?

@ crenox

I support you. I’ve been waiting also.


Hello, I bought your script and logged in normally, but at login it shows 500 error. How to solve?

I bought your script, but cannot install it. I have manually configured the db, but cannot access to any page. Sent you an email, please help to fix. Thanks

One day passed and still no response or any action.

after login not function! why?

I sent mail two days ago. I have no answer!

You have a malicious bridge page, between your product listing, and the live preview, that attempts to force people to install/add a “safe browser extension”.

I have reported it to Envato, and will auto-post it to a massive list of forums, if it is not stopped immediately.