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Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks and keeping fingers crossed

Cant preview Live Demo. Logins/Passwords are returning errors

I am sorry that you cannot access the application with the logins. They are working now and you can see the demo.

Hi Daniel, Can you access now? Any plans of buying?

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi, To get the true flavors of AGILE click on Projects and then click on any project link, there on the sub-menu you will get all the agile concepts.

You may consider buying the product as you will get good and timely support from my end whenever you require.

Nice work. I’ll buy for sure. Wondering if you have a roadmap for future development or are planning upcoming releases with new features?

Awesome! I have a couple ideas that I might try to work into this after purchasing. I’d love to make this “multi account” so multiple companies can host their own instance off the same codebase. On that note, adding paid membership plans would be awesome as weil. If that’s not on your roadmap I may fork this code for my own project.

Hi Lucas, Thanks for purchasing the script.. Multi Account membership is definitely on my cards , but on the immediate front I am planning to add on more Agile features to make it more enriched.


Please let me know how it is going on or any improvement suggestions .

Hi Prasanth,

Please have a look at the demo and may be you consider purchasing one.

Hi Prasanth,

Please have a look at the demo and may be you consider purchasing one.

good work, all the best for your sales ! ;)

Thanks a lot Eric


SaaS available ?


Thanks for your interest in the script. Multi user is an upcoming feature of my product and will be released once completed.

Currently there is no Saas available . But with $24 you are getting the full version and there is no dependency on number of users, space, files and no monthly fees etc. You can scale it as you want. Also I can assure you that my product is cheaper than many Agile SaaS model available over the internet.

You may consider buying the product as you will get good and timely support from my end whenever you require.

Hi, I think this is really good, never seen one before. I tried to log in as client/client – to see what the client view would be like, but could not. Can you check? Also in the admin login, I did not see any client profile control etc. is this still being finalized?

Hi, I have FIXED your issue. It is working fine now and will not break.

Looking forward for you to buy :)

Thanks, Rumaniz

I tired input into the description field but could only enter a limited number of text. Like this much “1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111”. I just need a basic working order to pilot …. this is essential. Thanks.


Due to restriction of space in view region the input has been restricted. The details description can be uploaded. The view region will be modified then this restriction will be removed.

Hey, nice product, can you fix few issues e.g. I wasn’t able to add client just based on the 1st tab info, and after filling all the information from all tabs, it displayed white screen. I would like to buy this product.


The client adding issue has been fixed. You can login and can create clients. Please let me know if you come across any other issue. No worries, will be fixed as soon as possible.

I hope you can now buy it confidently :)


Hey thanks for fixing, great job. Buying it now.

Thank You very much. You can surely go ahead and buy and be rest assured about good support .


eliaseg Purchased

Hi there. I receiving a 500 error immediately after logging in. I am not installing in the root rather in this folder hierarchy root/subdir/subdir. Is there something I need to edit in the htaccess file? I’ve also changed the perms as required.


Received your email and have replied back.


eliaseg Purchased

I’ve been with Envato for almost 10 years, supporting my fair share of developers and contributors that often gave little to no support for their products. This is by far in my top 5 products bought and support is well beyond what I expected. Everyone should be using SCRUM to manage their projects, and everyone should be using this tool to manage it.

**FIVE STARS** no question!!!! I wish I could rate it more.

Thank you very much for the review and the awesome comment.

I am trying to register in the system since you haven’t provided any demo logins. it doesn’t work.


Here are the demo logins to login to the system.

admin/admin client/client user/user

Please login to the application which is about SCRUM the agile way of doing project management.

Are you able to login . Get the Agile POWER to better manage your team and deliver shorter and faster hence ensure better deliverables.

If you have any questions before buying please feel free to post here.

I played with the demo and created a new client to see how that performed. Even though I assigned the client user to a specific client, I could see projects and invoices for different clients. This is obviously not great. It’s a great looking piece of software, but I can’t have clients being able to view each other’s things.


Thank You very much for your interest in my script.

Now let me address the issue that you have pointed out . First of all I would like to sat that this being a primary requirement of project management software that one client should not be able to see others project data, my script also address it.

This is how you will be able to view it.

1) Login as admin/admin . 2)Click on CLIENTS link on the left navigation panel and click on ADD CLIENT button to create a client. 3) Go to USERS link on left navigation panel and click on ADD USER button to create the client’s login info.. Remember to select role as Client and client name as the one that you just created in step-2. 4) Now you can log-in with the login credentials to view ONLY his data.

I have created one client with jimmer/jimmer for you to test. You can go ahead and create client in the steps I have outlined above.

Great work it seems :) But cannot login anyhow :( whats the demo id and password?

I created a new account but still cannot login.


Yeah i could login :) yay


Good to hear that you could login. Hope you are having butying plans. You can be rest assured about good and on time support.

Thanks, Rumani


Can I run this on a Windows server of my own running IIS?

Seriously sorry for a delayed reply. Yes you can absolutely run the script on Windows server. If you face any issue let me know.

good job. success in sales


The current release should have been a beta release. It has many issues that need to be resolved.


Sorry to learn that you are facing many issues. Please let me know the issues and I am there to fix it up all for you.

In the path “application\controllers” the file named ‘Clientdetailscontroller.php’ Should be proper case as defined in the code. Like this “ClientDetailsController.php”. Otherwise, on many servers on which URL’s are case sensative, the application will return a 404 error.

You have references to FLOT along with sample “Order” and “Payment” data in parts of the code. The element referenced in those parts of the code does not exist and therefore a JavaScript error occurs. Those areas should be removed or better yet, attached to live data, tested and implemented.

In the path “assets\js\plugins\dataTables” you are missing the SWF folder and the subsequent files (copy_csv_xls_pdf.swf and copy_csv_xlx.swf). This results in errors when dataTables is loaded.

The style.css files reference Google Fonts using “http://”. When running the software over a secure connection, the user will get a “Mixed Content/Insecure” warning. These references should be change to “….”.

There are security issues. For example, when a “Client” is logged into the software, they can manually type the User Management path on the address line, gain access then Edit/Delete/Add users.

Client users have access to Add/Edit their own invoices. I would NEVER want a client doing this. Only the admin or its assignee should be able to edit invoices.

This is as far as I have gone. I have not tried other features yet, such as creating Stories. These issues along are major and as I said, this software should have been released into Beta testing.

Please let me know if you need additional information. I think what you have done is wonderful. It just need some more tests, tweaks and love.

Hi, Thank you very much for the issues you pointed out. The case sensitive url has has already been taken care of and is in queue for the next version. I will prioritize the other issues in the next release in a week’s time.

What are the latest updates?

Hi Lucas,

Sorry for the delayed reply. Did not get any notification for your comment :(

Here are the update list:-

1. Controller naming has been made case insensitive so that case sensitive servers does not throw errors.

2. Googleapi url has been made https.

3. Some missing swf files have been added.

4. Access related issue for client and staff login has been resolved.


eliaseg Purchased

Hi there I just installed the most recent build of the software (to a new directory and DB, clean install) and I’m getting

An Error Was Encountered

The action you have requested is not allowed.

The original build still works however, can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Is there an easy way to update the new build over the old one without the reinstall?



I have replied you in your email. Please reply back with the details so that I can debug it.


eliaseg Purchased

FIXED!!!! thanks!


the login and password for your demo is not displayed. It seems that a big portion of the jpeg image used to provide the text is blocked out. Can you please provide it.