SCRUM - Agile Project Management

SCRUM - Agile Project Management

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Agile Dashboard
An overview of open projects, open tasks, received and outstanding payments, Logged hours and Closed issues.

  • Sprint Management
    Effective sprints help break down bigger tasks into smaller stories and help better execution.
  • Stories
    You can add stories to any project.
  • Defect Tracker
    You can easily track defects from defect tracker project wise.
  • Timesheets
    Admin and client or freelancer can easily track logged hours from Timesheets.
  • Login Credentials

    • Admin Login:- admin/admin
    • Client Login:- client/client
    • Staff Login:- user/user
    • Support Tickets
      Clients can open tickets to keep track of any defect.
    • Release burn down charts
      Every project has it’s own Release burn down chart which helps to easily manage if the project is on or off the track.
    • Client Login
      Clients can view the status of their projects and invoices and pay accordingly.
    • Invoice Management
      Create and send invoices to your clients

    Your server need to meet the following requirements to run SCRUM.

    • PHP 5.3+
    • MYSQL 5.1.7+
    • PHP MYSQLi Extension