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Hi! Is it compatible with WP 4.4.2?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Max,

Very nice plugin. Just letting you know that, when the nav circle is placed at the top right, the expandable menu gets cut off at the top of the screen (because the menu pops up upwards, regardless of the circle’s absolute position on the screen). Perhaps the plugin could be updated so that, if we place the nav circle at top right, the expandable menu opens downwards, so that it is not cut off. I realize that I can work around this issue by adding a few hundred pixels of top margin, but then the nav circle kind of floats in a weird place for the reader.


Ok, thanks for the suggestion and you’re right. These days I’m going to update. Thank you :)

Thanks Max, looking forward to it. Have a nice weekend!

Hi Max,

Thanks again for the great plugin. Overall very nice. Although this is a scroll navigation, I wonder if, in future updates, you could add an option to make it always visible. Some readers simply won’t figure out that you have to scroll to see it (I know that sounds silly, but hey, what can I say, it happens!). :)


Enter a very small value to activate as soon as possible.

Ah yes, quite logical, thanks Max! :)

Hi there, i need to convert my website into mobile app with a codecanyon plugin. i need to know that how can i add about us, our services and contact us buttons on the footer which can be sticky? can your plugin let me do that?

when you check the screenshot please see that i do not want to show social links in the sticky footer. i need to show 3 or 4 menu items…

i mean could you please check the screenshots and please let me know asap if i can get what i want with your plugin.

Screen Shots: 1. http://prnt.sc/c5i5kb 2. http://prnt.sc/c5i5oz

or do you have any other solution to help me? Thank You.

Hi, I don’t understand what you really want to do. But with my plugin you can do something like this.

I want to use your plugin on a single page site and use it to scroll to different elements, is this possible?


sorry, it is not possible.

sorry, it is not possible! It is really sad. I was thinking to do same like Capson. Single page, different elements.

Hey! Does it work on multisite?

yes of course

Hi Max! I purchased the plugin and installed it, it shows on the website broken (this means: no icons, just square boxes, no menu will show when clicked, only a small arrow leftward). Please assist! I have pagelines as a theme.

Thank you Max. My email is tjerkfeitsma@hotmail.com. Your help is appreciated!

see your email

Update! the plugin initially didn’t work, so I contacted Max. Max immediatley build a new version to cover all my bugs. Half of the bugs were fixed. I emailed again. Max made another update to cover all the bugs. Working perfectly now. Thanks Max! Your support is awesome, I am really happy, andI recommend buying this plugin to all readers :)

Pretty slick plugin and UX. But one thing man, can you make it mobile freindly? This is huge, everyone on mobile. Let me know if you plan to, will buy if you can make it mobile freindly, 320px. because menu falls off screen and search goes screen, just not ideal mate. Let me know though

Hi Aosoth, I have already implemented those features.

You can try again. http://popup-press.com/scrollnav-plugin/

Hi Max can you tell me some websites where I can see the navigation live? cheers snowbird

Hi snowbird12 .

Live preview: http://popup-press.com/scrollnav-plugin/

HI Max no I mean on buyers websites?

It’s hard to know where my customers use it.


I really like this plugin, but before I buy I would like to know if your are going to update in it in the very near feature.



What feature do you need?

Can we add call feature on the plugin so visitors can tap and call?

okay i think its perfect. will get this. thanks