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wow. Great first item. Love the filter effects. All the best with the sales.. :)

Thanks! This is my first script and I hope it’s well received.

Nice, but what are the Advanced Options supposed to do as I see no difference between them?

Some of the advanced options are a bit subtle. Flash and invert really stand out though. These presets use css3’s filter property.

Is it rude to tell your buyers the truth. Why don`t you just put a “Based on Hakim`s Scroll Effects” Link in your description? Fair enough! Hakim made great work with his script, so he should be honored for it. That`s all i said. Nothing rude nothing inappropriate! Just the truth.

Like I said, I’ve left one link to Hakim’s version in the comments. It’s not based on Hakim’s script. I will agree it’s inspired by it, but then again every single product on Envato is inspired by something else.

Might be true…;)

I’m trying to get ‘fade’ to work on the whole site. Copied the .fade css to main stylesheet, added your min.js to my scripts, and played around with

$('html').scrollTransitions({ selector: '*', preset: 'fade' });

//also tried this:
$('body').scrollTransitions({ selector: '*', preset: 'fade' });

So far nothing happens.. I tried using the selector ‘div’ as well. What am I not seeing? I just want the fade effect when you scroll through my one-page site. How would you set this up for a one-page site, so that everything ‘fades’ as the user scrolls? Thank you!

Wasn’t really meant to be applied to body and html. Mainly because it requires a defined height. No worries there is a simple fix. Basically create a wrapper element with 100% height to act as your viewport. Here is an example

Perfect, thanks for the fiddle, much obliged.

This looks great, good luck