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Looks nice! good luck with sales

thanks Smacker. Good luck to you :)

Thanks for the script, original and beautiful!

thanks for buy artdevue.

Nice idea! If I had a long page with lots of h1 & h2 etc… or lots of div id #targetone (at the top of page), #targettwo (in middle of page) etc.?

How would I add those page positions to the middle menu links?
<li><a href="same page #targetone">Home Page</a></li>

Hi rootscript,

I think you can do it this way http://jsfiddle.net/THHXX/1/

Hello dwsee,
<div class="TopBottomMenu">
        <a href="#top">header</a>
        <a href="#center">center</a>
        <a href="#bottom">bottom</a>
Using your jQuery jsfiddle is really useful.

I can now use “Scroll to Top – Bottom Control” to jump to different sections in the page like a “Table of Contents” #top #center #introduction #summary etc…

Your jQuery plugin is VERY useful – I LOVE it.

Thank you

just in case it is useful example for someone, using the html above, the selector in Jquery jsFiddle needs to be


Hello, Would be nice if there was a setting for open/close menu speed & close menu delay.

For me the menu closes before I have a chance to look / select anything. I think it would be improved with a delay before closing (not just changing the speed of the animation).

Hopefully, this is seen as constructive (rather than demanding), an offset from the bottom setting; in case you have a (full width) sticky footer.

for close menu delay you can change the line 140

Line 140 : .delay(2000).animate({
Line 140 : .delay(800).animate({
Yes that gives me enough time. THANK YOU


I send You email few days ago, can You answer me?

Hi miromid,

Your problem; 1) It scrolls not to the bottom of the page 2) Menu is located under website’s layout, so it is hidden.

solution to this;

you can change the dwsee.top.bottom.menu.css

            font: 9pt Arial, Helvetica, sans-serit ; 

what about a standalone Version . not everyone need jquery

email sent about adding to Social Network.

Please check and get back with me as soon as you can?

haven’t heard back from you in over 2 weeks. Is this script no support?

wow. no comments or replies. guess this is done here??

Hi dwsee, nice script but one problem, i get a script to load some div with ajax.

$(window).scroll(function() {var t = jQuery(this).scrollTop();var botsl = parseInt(jQuery(document).height() - jQuery(document).height()/1.5);if (t > 100) {$("#blogfooter").load("lib/ajax/infinite_courtier.html");$("#infinite_sidebar").fadeIn().load("lib/ajax/infinite_sidebar.html");$("#infinite_service").delay(1500).fadeIn().load("lib/ajax/infinite_service.html");$(this).unbind('scroll');} else {}});

but there a conflict and it’s the unbind scroll.

Do you have a solution fot this



I find a solution and everything is fine now but still, i would like if it’s possible to get the over menu position 50px on right of the menu icon.

If somebody see Mr. dwsee ask him how we can use a sprite img instead of this three img

Does it “have” to have the menu in the middle?

so I purchased, and I remove this line: ‘menuicon’ : ‘images/menu_icon.png’, And the menu icon still shows?????

For some reason, your scroller goes NO where NEAR the bottom of my page, is there a reason why? or a fix for this? I have this is css: #top-bottom-menu{ font: 9pt Arial, Helvetica, sans-serit ; position:fixed; height:auto; text-align:center; z-index: 9999 !important; }

Welp! just 1 star rated this thing as it seems my crys, as well as many other crys for help have gone unheard. I’ve PM’ed and posted here with no response for a month. Not sure why, but to hell with it!

HI, Can you help me please with installing the plugin ?, I try to upload but i always get

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: codecanyon-4248703-scroll-to-top-bottom-control.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Can you tell me how i can fix this problem please ?

Can i get finaly any support after 5 dys for my purchase ?

I’m sorry, I thought this was a plugin. I can fumble through it if you tell me how to install it….please.