ScriptBay PRO eBay Seller Minisite

ScriptBay PRO eBay Seller Minisite

SCRIPTBAY PRO is a complete, modern, customizable Mini Site that integrates the functions of ScriptBay EPN Script. The Best Way for eBay Sellers, to introduce his Business, increase SALES and traffic for Your eBay Shop, along with popularity and Presence on the WEB. ScriptBay PRO is the complete solution, designed for all eBay Seller, who do not have their own website or need to generate new traffic simply and quickly; created in bootstrap and responsive with modern mobile devices and tablets, include about page, contact page and custom 404.

 Tell people how simple it is to buy from you!
 Tell people how simple it is to buy from you!

ScriptBay PRO is proposed as an modern alternative to the usual, mundane and often ineffective landing pages / splash pages that you see every day on the web. Show your users, in real time, the objects of the Auction on your eBay Shop and increasing substantially any sales. It also provides an excellent and professional store front for your Business, technologically advanced and fully optimized for this purpose.

But in what way does ScriptBay PRO increase my earnings?

Sell YOUR own Item and generate revenue for every Sales!

With the unique features of ScriptBay Advanced eBay EPN Search,you have a DOUBLE advantage:

  • 1 * Incomes from the sale of your items on eBay.
  • 2 * His comes through your affiliate links, and even if the sale is another object through the eBay affiliate program (EPN)
  • You also, can share on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter your own Items, with your EPN ID’s, and gain tons of traffic!


ScriptBay Template

  • Bootstrap
  • Mobile responsive
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Code well commented
  • Extensive use of CDN
  • Easy to customize with one simple Text Editor
  • Essential Tips on the various sections of the pages
  • Social share and Twitter widget predisposition
  • Google Map integrated
  • ScriptBay script version 1.5.6 integrated

ScriptBay Script (Version 1.5.6)

  • Only 1 file to configure!
  • Importing Real-time items via eBay API
  • Base PHP / Jquery / Js – very few files to configure
  • Hight Resolution images previews
  • Infinite scroll style items and Popup images in HQ
  • Popup multi image and Slideshow integrated
  • Advanced Search of any kind by keywords
  • Search Items for Seller ID
  • Time stamp of the remaining time, direct link to the auction page
  • Importing Seller Data, Seller rating, location, number of bids
  • Total customization of the search parameters and Currency
  • Default load Auctions from multi Keywords or Seller ID
  • Automatic listing items wit BIN (increase your sales of the 30%)
  • LazyLoad plugin for save browser memory and increase speed of loading
  • Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter share buttons on all the previews

Please, if you have installation or set-up problems contact our Support Team ( or register to the Support Forum for any problem.

SCRIPTBAY PRO is the best eBay Seller Platform to tell people how simple it is to buy from you!

The template is compatible with all browsers and is responsive with modern mobile devices and tablets. It is also possible to set the default search with a keyword default, which will display the Item in real-time with direct link to the auction on eBay.

It is time to becomes one eBay Seller PRO!

ScriptBay Script Changelog

Version 3.2 (19/05/2020)

*Extensive use of CDN
*Update eBay endpoint API
*Update ScriptBay Script to v. 1.5.6
Version 3.1 (20/12/2018)
*Update and commented html code
*Fixed Facebook social share
*Update ScriptBay Script v. 1.5.2
Version 3 (12/05/2017)
*Update LazyLoad.Js
*Added default image for all Items
*Fix some bugs
Version 2 (01/01/2016)
*Added multiple keyword function
*Optimized the code
*Fix some bugs
Version 1.3 (05/21/2015)
*Update eBay Api
*Optimized the code
*Fix some bugs