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I purchased you script for $16 already … what does this extra $25 purchase provide? Is there discount for purchasers of your earlier script?

Hello! Yes i know (thank you again and i hope you are happy with your script!); ScriptBay PRO is and a complete solution, designed for all eBay Seller, who do not have their own website and they want to increase their web presence.

Scriptbay pro, is a complete mini sites, created in bootstrap and responsive, with about page, contact page and 404 customized.

Obviously, all the integrated functions of the latest version of ScriptBay. So, in conclusion, this is one chance to be in a short time, a further showcase for their auctions, increase revenue (the links course have affiliate ID EPN and then you earn more commissions) and further increase traffic, thanks to the function share on Pinterest (always with your ID EPN).

Buy a domain name with a few MB of web space is relatively cheap; the advantages are several!

Unfortunely Envato can not allows you to make the bundle … i am sorry. :(

Best Regard SB


i buy your script yesterday. and i am facing some problems.

when i try to search by seller id it will not display any record. but if i put the seller id in default value in “search_more.php” it will get records from that value.

also i try do the same thing with country and make a new field for filter.

same thing happen with this filter.

can you help me in this matter.

awaiting for your quick response.

Jaleel Qamar

Hello, You can search by User ID, IF is correlated one keyword. Example: Key ART and Seller ID PAINTERX

Please read the instructions.

You can change the refer MARKET to search (ex. GB,DE,IT,ect), not country.

You can not add new custom filters to the script; the results be imported by API, and the script is set only for the filters you are able to see.

However, send me all the details at support@scriptnet.net and i try to help you. Best Regard

It’s not working for me. front page http://amazonextras.com and search more http://amazonextras.com/scriptbay/search_more.php

Need a help or paid installation

Hello, thank you for your purchase. Do not warry, please send me the details via email to support@scriptnet.net or, register free to our Support Forum: http://support.scriptnet.net
Please remember to send here your support forum nickname, for the approval. Thank you!

Thank you.Email sent

Fixed the problem, only a small incompatibility with .htaccess file.
We are sorry for this inconvenience, and we hope you are happy with your new EPN platform. Contact us without any problem, for more information or help.
Best Regard :)

Yeah,that’s working now.Thanks again

Dear officer

Could you refund please

I bought wrong one

when I buy today 05/mar/2015 Australia , I thought for wordpress but it was about template HTML5 + Script

I don’t know about template HTML5 + Script

My themeforest.net ID is ozziesnet , emil is jeepman7@hotmail.com ,

Could you refund please

Best Regards


You need to send this request to Envato / Codecanyon.

As our previous emails, you not purchase this item directly from us, but from this website.
We sorry about this situation.
Best Regard

Thank you for advice and refunded from Envato Market ^^

‘You are welcome :)

Update: ScriptBay PRO with the lates stable version of ScriptBay Script (1.0.7) is avaiable.

Hi ScriptBay, i’ve bought this item some weeks ago… I’ve found your newest script ScriptBay with this features: “Update eBay Api”... Also in this software there’s the Lastest version? When you’ll update it? You would maintain this software updates or your focus is in the other ScriptBay?

Thanks Mattia

che problema avrebbe il fancybox?
No, il timer funzina regolarmente; nella lista viene indicato il tempo rimanete al momento del caricamento della pagina. Non ha visualizzazione a decremento, per il semplice fatto che vedrebbe almeno 15 diversi timer scorrere contemporaneamente e su diverse aste, ad ogni scroll; crea troppa confusione e distrae dagli annunci.
Ma se clicca un annuncio, e clicca nuovamente lo stesso dopo qualche secondo, constatera’ che nel pop up il timer mostra il corretto scorrere del tempo rimanente.

Si quello si…. Confermo che il timer sarebbe troppo caotico… Giustamente, il Fancybox l’ho dovuto aggiornare perché mi dava un problema con l’istruzione $browser di JQuery, avevo già riscontrato questo problema in altri miei siti e bastava aggiornare l’ultima versione di FancyBox… Per cui ho risolto…

Visto che siete sempre connessi e molto disponibili, vi chiedo un’altra cosa… Nel file popup.php noto che viene genarato un errore di parserizzazione dell’xml… http://img42.com/Wcacm

Sapete il motivo? Non credo precluda il funzionamento però mi da abbastanza noia… :)

Ma si figuri Mattia, e’ un piacere.
Interessante; non ho mai riscontrato questo errore in nessuna delle versioni pubblicate.
No non preclude il funzionamento, il link con affiliato ID e’ corretto, ma posso chiedervi con cosa rilevate questo errore?
Compare ad ogni apertura del vostro Script?
Potreste provare a eliminare la linea 296 dal file search_more.php e vedere se vi da lo stesso errore.
Grazie mille per i vostri preziosi suggerimenti!

ScriptBay Version 1.1 Ready!
Cellphones and Tablet compatible

Buonasera, è stato aggiornato il software all’ultima versione delle API di eBay? E’ possibile fare una chiamata passando un array di identificativi di oggetti e ricevere per risposta i loro dettagli?

No attualmente non e’ possiibile effettuare questo tipo di ricerche.
Ma e’ una buona idea, verra’ considerata come nuova opzione per le prossime versioni, grazie!
Un ultima cosa, c’e’ un piccolo ritardo nella pubblicazione della versione PRO. Solo qualche giorno ancora da attendere. Scusa il contrattempo.

Cioè, la ricerca per array di identificativi non si può fare al momento… Con la version attuale, giusto? Però questo non significa che non si possa implementare… Giusto? Ad esempio, la chiamata per ricevere un singolo oggetto col suo identificativo, si può fare?

La richiesta necessaria a ottenere un singolo Item sarebbe inclusa nella API con ricerche per “findItemsByProduct”,che pero’, non e’ quella utilizzata da ScriptBay.
Questa chiamata sarebbe applicabile; ma questo comporterebbe errori nella importazione dei dati per altri parametri, come ad esempio il “Buy it Now”.
Suggerisco di non utilizzarla.

The version of ScriptBay included, is the 1.3
Only 1 file to configure. :)

Send u email about 1 day ago but no response. Anyway, another question here is can I set the script to show “buy it now” only item instead of auction item?

Hello, I am so sorry for the late.
The script set by default import FIRST items that have available the option “Buy it now”.
After, the normal kind of auctions

Due to exchange server, the live demo for this product are temporarily offline.
They will return again available in a few hours.
Thanks for your patience.
Team ScriptNet

ScriptBay is online and ready to amaze You and your Users!

Happy Holydays from ScriptNet Solution!

I have the script set up and running however it only shows 6 or 7 of the same item over and over, not the 60 different say shirts, how can i not use a keyword and just show everything across all categories i sell? Or have a drop down in keywords since i sell in suits, shirts, shoes, etc?

thank you for purchase ScriptBay PRO.
The script search by default the items from a eBay Seller by Keyword.
This means you have to add to the file configuration.php, keywords and seller together.
Therefore it means, that will be shown all the objects related to that specific keyword, not all objects for sale; if you want to show more objects, you must clone the script (perhaps adding new pages to the template) and set each time a new keyword. If you need more informations or support, please send us a mail to support@scriptnet.net
Best Regards

Update: added ScriptBay Script v.1.4
How update: simply add your informations to the file configuration.php and replace the old file.

This new update, extension by at least 70% of imported items by default and allow you to search by default for multiple keywords:

Eg. an eBay Seller can show at the same time, specific items from his TSHIRT shop related to “black tshirt”,”vintage tshirt”,”XXL tshirt”, etc.

You virtually can add unlimited keywords, but please remember, It results in a decrease of the speed of the first loading because they are imported much more data.
Enjoy! :)

We inform our Customers, that from the day on April 1 and until the day April 15, 2016, the technical support staff takes a little break. We will return on hand to anyone who needs, from April 16, 2016.

Thank you!

Update: Finally, instead to the annoyng “grey box” you can see one static image that invite your Visitors to click and check for more Pictures.
If you want, is also possible add a custom image.

hi, its not working. got 500 internal server error. when i delete content of htacces no error but cant search for item. shopping-bucht.com

your server support curl?
Please send one email to support@scriptnet.net with the details and for sure we can fix it in no time.
Best Regards