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Can you update please this code to ver. 1.41 as your other “Advanced Affiliate Ebay” script?

we can update the share for the Items very soon; but not the default search for multi keyword, need more tests.
Best Regards

Btw, I agree with what cpozzer said here regarding the pictures appears on pop up. It’s confusing that the window is closed when you click on the picture or on the grey arrow. It looks like it should show the picture larger, or to let the user to scroll, but it doesn’t and just closes.

as i said many times, the mini slide at the bottom have only a visual porpouse.
Show you only that on the original eBay auction is available more images.
We think at this point, to remove the slide by the next update if give all this problems.
‘Best Regards

Btw, I can see that some listing pictures won’t load and there is a grey square. It doesn’t happen in all flags, but you can see it when you choose the UK flag for example: http://scriptbay.scriptnet.net/geo/ScriptBay-GB.php

Also please note that your link above for the DEMO, is confusing. It does not take you directly to the right DEMO, but to a page of your other script that contains three of our scripts and you need to choose the GEO once again.

The Landing page, for access to the demo, is created for two reasons:
first, it reduces the queries to the ebay API (if you do not know they are limited) by bots and people who do not know what to do.
Second, increases the keywords and visibility of your script on the search engines.

If you want to access, you should press the red button …

The gray images that have seen the following reasons:

  • image missing on ebay
  • image too heavy to load
  • too small image

It is likely that by clicking on the box, is still present one photograph; that’s because the po pup uses a different API call.
We are testing the possibility to add a custom image, it will be implemented in the future

Hello, The GEO script has the feature “Add your personal Banners or ADS” like the advanced script has? In which areas the banners can be shown on the page?

your awnsers:
  • Yes, you can set by default a specific Seller, this means that you show all the auction from this Seller only.
    This also means that the users can use the search, but the results is related only to the items of this specific seller.

  • The auctions on eBay are related to one specific market.
    This means that you show the products from Seller Mr. X from US to the page eBay US, but not on the page eBay AU, so unfortunely to all the other pages you show a blank page.
    However, if you have a basic knowledge of php code, it’s possible add a specific Seller for each market.

  • All the texts, like “bids”, “hight bids”,”time left”, etc are plain text that can be edited with a text editor. Remember, that in many countries, English is a current language (eg india or Singapore), so we chose to leave the words in English.
    They not have been changed in the demo, because these terms are common parlance and distinctive, of the eBay auctions.

  • ScriptBay GEO with multi keywords is not ready yet; I can not give an exact date at the moment, but all of our Customers they will have access to the new version when it will be published.

  • Best Regards

Hi, and if the seller ships worldwide and can be seen also on eBay in other countries, in this case it will be shows in other languages using your script?

Btw, I’ve also tried to searched as a user the relevant seller ID in your Advanced Search. Somehow it can’t be found even on its own country flag. I’m just getting a blank page with the search rubric in the middle with no results.

I understand your explanation regarding “Bid” text, but why “Time Left” does changing when you choose other countries flags? It just not consist with the other texts I’ve mentioned.

the API imports the Seller data, not the shipments; It does not change anything if someone from Germany sends in the Amazon; simply a Seller is related to the market where he sells, and that’s it.
If you want to look for specific Seller, you need to add a keyword in the form and also the Seller ID. Example: Keyword= Black sunglasses, Seller ID= Mr. X.
As i said, all the text visible, are plain text that can be edited into the code with a simple text editor; It means that if for example you want to translate the texts into Russian or Macedonian dialect, you can do it.
Best regards

Hi, 1. My intention is just to show all specific seller items (all his items). I understand I cannot do that, as I must also choose some keyword as you said?

2. If I understand you right, the GEO ver. won’t give my any added value comparing to the Advanced script, as the GEO can show specific seller items in other languages then the original country he is registered with. I.e, if the seller is from the UK, changing the flag to France, won’t show his items items any more (even he appears in other eBay other countries website as a worldwide shipper). Thanks.

Let’s see if I can be clear, once and for all.
If you enter by default, a seller the script imports all of that seller objects.
If the seller, sell on the American eBay, you can not show the same objects in Austria or Germany.
If you want to show a specific seller for each market (19), you can do it, but I have to make some code changes and the seller can not be the same.

The added value you say; does exist, and believe me, that is much, much more than $ 24.
To start the automatic redirect of each user to the related market.
Then, each page has a corresponding mobile version.
Then the various pages translated, and more obvious, the fact that you can show different objects by default for each market.

ScriptBay script has the same features of the GEO, but for a single market.
I hope I was clear this time.

Hi, I understand now. For me, as I plan to show just one seller items, the basic script will be the right one, as you explain now that I can’t show the SAME seller items for different markets/Flags. This GEO does have added value, but not for my specific need at the moment as you understand, but I’ll consider it to my future websites. I’ll order the Advanced script. Thanks for all the explanation and sorry for the hassle.

no problem for me; I just wanted them to be clear, my answers on the questions that you had made me.
I am available any time.
Best Regards

We inform our Customers, that from the day on April 1 and until the day April 15, 2016, the technical support staff takes a little break. We will return on hand to anyone who needs, from April 16, 2016.

Thank you!

Before I buy this, I need to know a few answers. Will I be able to add options like “Highest Bids”. And in advance options add “Price range, bid count and distance”? And will you help me do so?

Until the eBay API 1.12.0 (2012-05-16), it was possible to do this kind of research. But now ScriptBay use the version 1.13 which creates problems with the search for distance.
Anyway the script could include research to price range and bid count, but they are changes to make manually on the code.
I can give to you, directions on how to do it, or if you want, can I do the necessary changes; but this is an extra service that is not included in the script Price.
Best Regards

hi, i add the script to my website and i’m having a hard time getting the photos to show, any ideas?

I apologize for the delay, i not have receit any comunication from Envato and i read your message only now.
The script works without problem; the missing pictures are due to many factors, including the performance of the Internet connection and the server where the site is located. If you doing more research, you see the images, so I can assume that if you try to change the default search, could solve the problem.
Let me know.
Best Regards

yes i have tried many other key words still mo change, all i’m getting is grey boxes where the pics should be, it’s very frustrating

please send me a message to support@scriptnet.net i send you an update for remove the grey boxes, as the live demo.
Best Regards

Update: Finally, instead to the annoyng “grey box” you can see one static image that invite your Visitors to click and check for more Pictures.
If you want, is also possible add a custom image.

This is nice but why no product page? this is very important for SEO,sorry i don’t buy if not product page for each item instead of popup.

Nup. Its not possible.

Hello, i am still using the old version of your script, i would like to upgrade but i want to know if it still supports Mobile site, becuase i tried changing the link of the demo and i get a 404 page. Thanks

Yes of corse, GEO have mobile version and redirect.
Can you please send me the details to support@scriptnet.net or open one ticket: https://support.scriptnet.net
I am sureto help to fix any problem in no time.
Best Regards

Hi, I just installed the script, but for many listings I see the default image. How can this be?

open the file include/configuration.php and set your keywords.
Let me know if you need more help.
Best Regards

Yes I did, I changed it to sneaker, but I see some pics, but most of them are still the default.

I don’t even where to start customizing this script. I have to change over 100 files each time, just for changing the title.

The layout is not responsive too, easy fix :)

The word “ScriptBay” is all over the place, also in the filenames :( , very bad for SEO. How can we change this easily?

Thumbnails showing “grey box” How can we fix this, this is very important! When I view my site now. I have some thumbnails, but for most of the eBay listings it shows a default image. Makes no sense to use this site. I want to see what I click for, it’s not a random thing is it?!

I have tested other eBay API script in the past, but they show all the thumbnails, so please make it work to view all thumbs and it will be awesome.

The script is a nice idea (y), but yet.. lots of work to do! :)

basically, for each market (US, GB, DE, etc), you have 1 homepage and 1 related search.php file.
For customize it, you have only to check the files ScriptBay-XX.php…the tags are in the bottom.

The grey box: go tothe folder sb_files and open the file jquery.lazyload.min.js.
Search for the code of the base 64 image; choose your new image, convert it to base64 ( http://picbase64.com/ ), replace the code and save the file.

You can setup ScriptBay for default search on each market; so, you can show “pastamakers” to IT or “champagne” to FR; the browser redirect is automatic and you need only to set the keywords on the file include/configuration.php.

Search and Popup using 2 different API calls.
In the pop up, the gallery, has a purely visual purpose; It imports the previews of the item, if available. This is a feature that if you want you can delete or modify, from line 82 to 103 of each pop-XX.php

I really appreciate your words, from a succesful Envato Author; thanks for the advice and notes, I will try to further improve my script. If you need help, just contact me any time.
Best Regards

Hi man, thank you for your reply. how about this images? Please check my site. I’ve send you the url before.

I just want the original thumb. How can we improve this?

The image of what you talking about, was created precisely to resolve a situation in which the product is imported, but the picture is not always available.
ScriptBay uses lazyload; the default image is shown in that file.
Best Regards

Please make a separate footer and header for this script. Add this “YOUR WEBSITE” to config file so we can edit this one time instead of 20+ times. And powered by Scriptnet solutions. this should also be editable in a config file.


Where can we remove “powered by Scriptnet” I’m searching source-code but cannot be found. Help please

Also where can we paste our statistics code? Only once…...

add a single and separate footer is a brilliant idea!Thank you very much, i add this update on the next version.

You can change the page name “ScriptBay-XX” any time; i decide to do this way, just because more easy detect the related files.
Remember to change also, the name on the code of the same page at line 198:

<form ….... action=”/NEW-PAGE-NAME.php”....

The footer is encoded.
Means that for remove “powered”, you need to ask and we are happy to give you the code to replace without charges.
I understand it may seem tedious; but since you are a Seller, you know when it is really boring seen, cloned or worse, your job.
No, sorry…no ads on this version.
Best Regards

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We apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.

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