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I just bought this right now but I forgot to ask before I purchased if this was geo-targeted? Does it send people to the correct ebay site whether a person is from France, Canada or US?

unfortunely the script with geo target is this Item: http://codecanyon.net/item/scriptbay-geo-geo-target-ebay-search-script/10975410
. The price is different, so i think you have to ask to Envato Support to refund you and purchase the other ScriptBay.
Feel free to ask any question any time.
Best Regards

ok, thank you ScriptBay

No problem, feel free to contact me any time.
Best Regards

What is the approval rate for Ebay Partner Network?

Is actually pretty quick, if you have a quality content rich site.

Update: Finally, instead to the annoyng “grey box” you can see one static image that invite your Visitors to click and check for more Pictures.
If you want, is also possible add a custom image.


Few questions on this before I buy it.

The demo looks quite badly distorted on my mobile phone, are there any issues with this? this is mainly what it will be used with. It does not seem to responsive with my web browser either.

Can I add/change parameters? I wish to add collection only and min/max distance to the script. is this possible?

I was hoping to add a small drop down box with the description, is this possible?



Yes the page displays great and is responsive, the problem I keep seeing it where the buy it now button is, when I go to click on it it moves about and the bids bit looks like it isnt siting right. I am seeing this on the links you posted above, my phone, my girlfriends iphone and every browser I use.

if i could post you a screenshot or email me then I may be able to show you exactly what I mean. I can’t be the only 1 getting this problem.


sure: support@scriptnet.net
Thank you

Can you please answer my support ticket??

I guess i have awnser to you, i still wait for your reply.
I am here any time you need.
Best Regards

can you review the support ticket i put in on sunday and advise today please? i have also sent a copy to support@scriptnet.net

Your Script works.Please feel free to contac me any time if you need more help or informations.
Best regards

I have just bought the item and downloades twice but I receive an error message when installing at WP . ” invalid file, no valid plugin file ”. What did you sell me????

sure, not one problem. You can change all the text in to the files ScriptBay.php and search_more.php with a text editor.
However, please send me a private message, i give you more details.

Hi, awnser.
Let me know if you need more support.

Amazingly, even after of a year, the script still has bugs and strange behavior for when clicking on a picture on an item. A window is opened, but here everything starts to be strange: Though you can see a part of a picture on the right side of the slideshow, you don’t have any way to move to the right. The main enlarged picture and displayed under the the small picture in one big mess. The small pictures looks with a white layer on them, while one of them has a blue layer on it. When you click on a small picture, or just trying to click on the arrow (that exist just in the left), instead of replacing the big picture on this window, it just ignores and close the windows in your face back to the main page. If it’s annoying us, it will not be welcome by the visitors. Why not doing things simply? Why this part that many has complained of has still the same totally analogical behavior? Are you really this script programmer? Else I can’t figure out why you won’t fix things for so long when your customers are keep complaining at. I really don’t. The only thing that was changed since years ago is just the price. all the bugs staid the same, and this reflects on this script review. A year ago it had 4.5 stars. Now it went to 4. That says everything about this script development. It just goes backwards.

interesting your “suggestion”.
First of all, I think it must have some education and courteous. Or it is also useless to simply try to talk. It ‘a rule of life.

If you want to remove the slideshow, just open the popup.php file and delete the code from the line number 81 to line number 104.

I could take the credit ratings of speech, as offensive, when the cause of a bad rating is due to the fact that you do not want to seek a in 1 page code.

Just ask, i am here for a reason and glad to help as well.

I think, after these years, the script remains a solid choice.
And just to be clear, a new version, specifically for CMS, it will be released soon.
חבר ברכות

I need to display only Ebay daily deals, updated fresh ones daily by API , Can this script do this ?

The only source for Ebay daily deals is via xml or rss; no API calls.
I am sorry.

hi, is it posiible to order items by category?

i am very sorry for the delay.
Our script not search for categories; but we testing for this feature in the next few days, so may be i can give you some good news soon.


I just buy your script but i have 403 Forbidden.

I upload source_files i change my ID in configuration.php still don’t work. Site were i installed is.


What next?

Thank you for you email and informations; your script works 100%.
Best Regards

Hi there. I just want a niche website (i.e. sunglasses only) without search options.

How do you control which items from ebay appears on the website? Can you add categories for that niche on the website?

How about the text (descriptions) is it possible to edit the text on your site?


Yes of corse it is possible show only auctions, without search form.
The Script import any kind of item, via keywords; just add your keywords to the configuratin file, and ScriptBay do the rest.
No Categories with this script, sorry.
And yes, you can change or add different text to the script.

Feel free to contact me any time for more info or technical support.
Best Regards

hi, 1. latest version mobile responsive or not? 2. support SEO or not? 3. can make order items sort by high purchase/review? 4. is it possible to order items by category? 5. do you plan to make this script for amazon/aliexpress too?


Your awnsers:

1 – ScriptBay is responsive AND automatically rediret mobile devices to the Mobile version.
2 – SEO? Of corse! I suggest to customize the bootstrap landingpage (included), but also without, Google seen ScriptBay.

3 – No, not items sort by high purchase/review.
4 – No, the script not search by Categories.
5 – Yes, i will test both API very soon.

Best Regards

Great! Is it possible to index Seo in product too? Waiting Amazon/Aliexpress api :)

I belive its not the right way, to push SEO for the Items/products.
The reason: remember that items (and urls) are valid maximum for 30 days.

Hello everyone, the new ScriptBay version 1.5 on is way.
New Features:
  • 2 Scripts in to 1: now you can choose if show the Pop Up or just a direct link to the eBay Auction
  • Improved quality and loading speed webshot live auction (Pop Up version)
  • For all the Crypto Lovers, added mining script (so you can also gain some coins from the time your users visit your ScriptBay


wowinfo Purchased


I just purchased this script because it looks great. However, when I tested it with keyword “sexy dress”, most of items’ thumbnails do not display. Do you have a fix for this? Showing the images of items are critical to click through rate.

Your help will be appreciated.

i am sorry for the delay.
The causes can be different; but I think the problem can be solved easily by creating your eBay Developer API here: http://go.developer.ebay.com/developers/ebay
Please, keep me updated, we will solve the problem.
Best Regards


wowinfo Purchased

Thank you for fast reply. I will test and update soon.

We advise our kind customers that we are operating on our servers for maintenance. It is possible that the online demo sites and technical support can be unreachable or with errors in the next few hours.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.

Team ScriptNet Solutions

Update ScriptBay version 1.5.1


  • Update sources Jquery
  • Update Landing Page
  • Added js background mining
  • Added New Files
  • Update function popup
  • Update function search
  • Update Main configuration css

Live Demo available Questions are welcome

Team ScriptNet

How to make Money with the Script? – Do i need an eBay Partner Network-Account?

Here https://partnernetwork.ebay.com you can found all the informations about EPN; just add your own Affiliate ID to the configuration file.
Best Regards