Scridder - Responsive Books Gallery

Scridder - Responsive Books Gallery

What is it

It’s a unique Wordpress plugin that shows your Scribd books in an elegant and responsive gallery.


  • A Wordpress website
  • An active Scribd account


Using this plugin is possible only if you already have a key from Scribd. Unfortunately, lately Scribd is no longer offering new API accounts. Scribd members who already have an API key may continue to use the Scribd API, but signups for new API keys are now closed: SCRIBD announcement

So, if you have a Scribd API key already, you’ll be able to use this plugin, otherwise, I’m afraid it’s not possible, unfortunately. I apologize for any inconvenience. I will not delete this plugin from codecanyon, I’ll continue to make bug fixes, updates and offer support as long as Scribd keep their API alive.


  • Shows your public Scribd books in an elegant and responsive gallery
  • Clicking on a book opens that book in a Scribd lightbox
  • Both free and commercial books can be displayed
  • The books can be displayed and read on mobile devices too
  • Works well with either light or dark Wordpress themes
  • Uses a simple shortcode
  • Displays maximum 1 000 books

Supported devices

  • Desktop computers
  • Tablets (with Android, iOS, etc)
  • Mobile phones (withAndroid, iOS, etc)

How do I use this plugin

After you download and setup the plugin, open any post or page and write a shortcode like this:

[scridder key="your_scribd_api_key_here" collection_id="4250235" paginate="12" thumbnail_width="130"]


Version history

24.08.2015 - version 1.7
- Fixed cross-browser CSS style for the search box.
- Documents are now sorted alphabetically.
13.11.2013 - version 1.6
- Added feature to show/hide the search box.
- Graphical views and number of pages for each title.
23.08.2013 - version 1.5
- Added plugin admin panel (shortcode helper).
- Better error handling / messaging.
- Added parameter thumbnail_width to be able to specify the thumbnail size (smaller or bigger).
- Fixed the redirect issue when no results found.
- Source code formatting.
29.07.2013 - version 1.4
- Added multi-language feature.
- Fixed the "unexpected T_RETURN" issue.
12.07.2013 - version 1.3
- Fixes the bug related to collection id. 
17.05.2013 - version 1.2
- The plugin now shows books from your defined collection, instead of account's books.
- Larger books thumbnails
- Less calls to Scribd database => performance improvement
- Added the search field (searches in titles).
- Fixed pagination: now shown only if more than one page.
- Fixed the share document buttons in the document lightbox.
- Removed the "number of views" and "number of pages" icons and replaced them with text for faster loading.
18 March 2013 - version 1.1
   - Improves pages load time by loading the plugin's css and javascript only when the shortcode is called 
02 March 2013 - version 1.0
   - The initial version