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Why are there two installation files?

ScribodroidSetup is a single installation file that installs only Scribodroid and does not require Administrator privileges.

ScribodroidBootstrapper tries to install all the prerequisites with the basic Scribodroid installation (e.g. the .NET Framework). This requires Administrator privileges.

I double clicked the ScribodroidBootstrapper and nothing happened. What is wrong?

If you want to install the .NET Framework automatically with the Scribodroid software, this is the file to run.

You need to run it with Administrator privileges. To do this, right-click the file and select Run as Administrator. A UAC prompt might pop up. Click Yes to confirm and proceed with the installation.

I installed Scribodroid, but when I double-click its icon, nothing happens. What’s the problem?

When Scribodroid starts it minimizes to the system tray (small icons next to the system clock, usually in the lower right corner of the screen). If the Scribodroid icon is not visible among the icons next to the clock, try clicking the up arrow next to them to reveal more icons.

You can access Scribodroid through this system tray icon with the right-click menu.

I installed Scribodroid, but when I run it, it closes with a message saying something about the .NET Framework. What do I do?

You probably have an older version of .NET Framework 4 and need to install an update from the Microsoft’s site.

It is available through the following link:

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