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hi, do you have a link to the app store?

No, i’ve not publish in App Store the app.

working with iphone 5 and 5s? flash led

Yes. Works well

The application works with iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and 5s. You can use it with iOS 6 or iOS 7.

Hi! It is ready for App Store? Or that you need more?

Is ready

Flashlight apps are not longer allowed in the app store. You would have to seriously re-purpose this app to publish it. I’m sorry to bring bad news however I thought it was relevant.

Thank you, your info is very important. But you can use this code like a sample. This app use touch event, light event, popover, and more. ;)

Absolutely correct. If you added this to an existing app or re-positioned or re-purposed it you should be okay. I was just warning the out-of-the-box crowd since people were looking for this app on the store… which it couldn’t be unless you published long ago. I do like the code though. Spinning my mental wheels trying to think about how to use it. Thank you for the replay.

”...my mental wheels trying to think about how to use it.” The people can use this code to present a catalog of light bulb ;) Nice idea….

I just like the big bulb image lol :)

Thank you. Give me a good review ;)

Hi. I send you an email, please may you help me and reply to my email? I have purchased this app.

Hi there.

This comes with entire file of source code, correct?

I can load it into XCODE and build this app without any other edits?

Is this app still working and supported? Thanks.