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This looks good!

Can users be created in the app itself? And if so, how are they stored?


Yep! The Client feeds back to the API and stores the user details securely in the MySQL database – user credentials are stored on the host computer and sent once to the server to generate a session key which is used throughout runtime – the benefit of registration is that Screenshots/Uploads can be managed and associated to an account, hence the Uploads menu which previews to the user all their previous uploads – in a future update, we plan to allow users to delete uploads. Thanks for getting in touch!

looking good, congratulations on your start in codecanyon.. i just checked your site too. looking to talk to you for custom development. what are your strong areas? are you full time available for custom dev? thanks…

Hey, I’ve sent you an email through your profile, we hope to hear from you!

Program opens and immediately closes.

Hey, you’ll find it in the System Tray, little red icon.

Yes, it immediately closes.

Are you absolutely sure? It runs in the background so unless you’re receiving an error too, it shouldn’t just close.

I’ve gone in and edited the parameters and set up my webserver with database, but it’s failing to upload or create users. I’m just getting “401” when I attempt to register etc. Even though I can see the files using the paths.

Also there seems to be a forgotton “require ‘Config.php’;” inside Version.php as the app needs it and otherwise used the word “VERNUM”.

We’ve planned to enhance the Uploads section to do that, to be seen in a future update.

In terms of changing the hotkey, I personally never thought about it – good idea, thanks!

Another thing would be to change when you’re logged in and click “Settings” it should just say “logged in as…” instead of giving you another login form… as you cannot actually quit that form without either loggining in again or “Login and closing”

Very true, and that was overlooked – I’ll add that to the to-do list.

In the meantime, the window can be closed by right clicking the Icon in the taskbar (rather than system tray) when it is visible.

Tested and seems to never log me in. No error, no login confirmation, no “password wrong”, etc.

Also, the installation could be slightly more streamlined. Doesn’t seem to auto run, and doesn’t put or ask for an icon on the desktop. Had to go hunt it down in the start menu. Personally, a portable app would be very nice where you run it, and functions. If they want it to come up at startup, they check a box in settings, and it puts it in startup. At the very least, it should put an icon on the desktop, or the installation should ask you.

I would like to test it further, but again, it’s not letting me register.

On a side note, does this work when fullscreen programs are running? Say a video in VLC or a fullscreen, 3D game? Does it pop up and minimize the fullscreen app, or does it silently grab all the shots, when the print screen was pushed, and wait for a bulk upload once you confirm to upload them?

The installer is just basic InstallShield and not something we package; we provide the source code which builds the actual application itself, and the API behind it. It is up to the customer to decide how they wish to distribute the build.

I find it strange that you’re unable to register/login, as I’ve just tested it and it’s definitely working – might I ask which Operating System you’re using? Are you not seeing any balloon notifications (have been updated to normal notifications in Win8/10)?

In terms of fullscreen programs, how the Client works is when the global hotkey is pushed, it opens an invisible window taking up the full height and width of your screen as an overlay, which allows you to capture the screen. As far as I know, it shouldn’t minimise the current application, however I will check that.

When I attempted to login, the app screen disappeared, but when I went back to it, it never said I was logged in, it just presented the login forms again.

I never got any bubble messages. I’m on Windows 7 64bit, but I started thinking, could an anti-virus that does firewalling, cause this issue? Prevent your app from calling home and logging me in?

I was also using a temporary email service, if that makes any difference for registration / login.

I’ve just tested the Live Demo service we offer in a brand new install of Windows 7 Professional, and encountered no issues – is your .NET framework definitely up to date? I can also confirm that the bubble notifications do occur.

Firewall could interfere with communication to the server, but you would still be seeing notifications explaining that.

Temporary email addresses will not affect this.

Crashes on Startup (Windows 10×64)

Ensure your .NET framework is up to date.

It looks amazing! Trying to build it up tomorrow! Thanks

Some good ideas here, a couple which are already on our to-do list. Thanks for your input! :)

Also just to know :) For some laptops with DPI settings, with high resolutions, windows will set the best option. To use this, you need to turn off the DPI settings or it doesnt work well. (You can see the red line on the screenshot when dpi optimization is enabled, the ratio is not correct)

Very strange, in testing we only encountered mathematical errors in our calculations when the settings were changed during OS runtime, and if the OS booted with those settings it would be fine. I’ll have a look into this.


i get the source code too

This item contains all the source code necessary

or only the exe

Make sure your .NET framework is up to date


Love the idea behind this app but there are few things that needs to be addressed -

1. Once logged into an account in the client, it should show the user’s account data and not the login page (that confuses the user whether he is actually logged in or not).

2. Once clicked on the “prntscr” button, it takes ages for the image to upload and give me a link of it (I have a 50Mbps connection, so my speed is not at fault here).

3. Heck most of the times after doing “prntscr”, the app is popping up and then going out without giving me the link.

4. Members area to get fast access to all the screenshare uploads (with their links).

These are just few suggestions from on top of my head.

Good luck with sales.


Thanks for your comments; I’d like to address your second concern regarding speed – this is entirely down to the server hosting the API. Currently, the demo is not designed to be fast; it certainly isn’t optimised. That would be down to the buyer to deal with.

Do you have an estimation of when your live preview will be back? This looks interesting. :)

Hello, you will pass source code from C#?

Hi there,

Pre-sale question. 1. Can I install this software on my existing site? 2. Can this software used by public user., similar to ? 3. I have a VPS Centos, is this compatible to install on my webserver? 4. Can you help me install it on my webserver?


Nice work. Good luck!

DEMO url in Down!


imogene Purchased

The screenshots don’t get saved, only got it working 2 times and it’s not even a fullscreen screenshot, it gives a weird small image. This product doesn’t seem to work. Could you test it please and update the code?

I can assure you it does work. When you are taking a screenshot, you are to select a region by dragging across the screen with your mouse where you want to capture.


imogene Purchased

Thank you for your response, it works! Is there a way to get a fullscreen capture straight away? (without having to select the screen) Also when I click settings nothing pops up, it only keeps showing the loginbox


imogene Purchased

I checked the code and it seems to be normal that the login box opens when you click settings. “Settings” is a weird name for that but alright.

1. Web based PHP allow to upload image manually? 2. I saw this – Can you provide link to any working image? 3. Demo of PHP admin?

Hi, is it also possible to disable the user option and just hand out the application to friends so they can use it as a screenshot sharing program?

I got it all working, but i want to assign a hotkey to the screenshot taking that doesnt get me out of a fullscreen application.. Beside this, there is a config.json file created when starting the builded Screenshot.exe where the password is just plain text… i mean really?

This project is dead i think… rip the payment for support i guess.. Dont buy it if you need support for it.