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Nice software! Any plans to add editing capabilities? I need to be able to quickly draw arrows and add text to the images after the screenshot is taken.

Good luck with sales.

Thanks. If sales go well there will be an update addressing that features.

very cool item,

but if you could make the url always there and when user upload image, it return the url for sharing it.


I’ve included a PHP script which does the server side business. You can easily build your own remote storage by uploading that script to a free web hosting such as Byethost and linking to it in the application settings. I’ll include a tutorial with the next update on how to properly set the script up.

look at this here

you can make something like when i capture the image, and click on the upload

it automatically take the image and upload it to server and show me the url


I already told you, that functionality is supported. Upload the script somewhere and check the application settings.

Hello, What I have to do to install it on my computer ? just to have a computer ? All the best

The application requires only the .NET 4 framework which comes pre-installed by default on modern Windows OS’ so basically the only thing you need is a computer running on Windows

Hello, is it possible to upload the URL set in a config file and not in the program?

Send me your PHP script with the changes you made and I will try to fix the problem.

it is the Orginal upload.php

Is the upload directory in the same directory where the script is running?

This is a very useful tool. great idea

Sorry for the dumb question, but it’s not clear from the description, but does this include the source code for the .NET app?

No the source is not included.

download Link ???

If not source code… Not sure why you have VS C#, do we get an API that we can use to capture screens?

Yes, I’ve included the VS solution in the last update. The files are still being reviewed though so it could take a couple of hours until you get the updated files.

Hi Hockic,

Pre-sale question. 1. Can I install this software on my existing site? 2. Can this software used by public user., similar to prntscr.com ? 3. I have a VPS Centos, is this compatible to install on my webserver? 4. Can you help me install it on my webserver?


The desktop client works basically independent of the server side service, meaning you are able to write your own server side logic. However, a basic script written in PHP is included with Screener.

Nobody who installs the desktop client will be able to upload anything until they set the url which handles screenshot uploads. With a little programming knowledge you could modify the client and hardcode the service url and implement a simple auth system if you want to make it a private tool.

You can run the included script on anything that runs PHP. You could also write your own upload service in something like python or .net mvc or really anything that can handle a http multipart request.

hello help me.. why i cant upload cek this img : http://prnt.sc/e6tqti

Looks like you didn’t set the correct path to your upload.php file. Open up the setting window, chech the `Upload file` box and set the correct path e.g. http://example.com/upload.php

I can see there is no extended version. But I need a modified version of this app. Can we talk about it? If yes, let me know how. Thanks in advance. :)

Sure, we can work something out. Send me a message from the contact form on the right panel on my profile.