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crashed on the launch… so useless.

test on different devices thank

fantastic work very good job ! i wish you all the best for your sales in 2017 ;)

thank you sir

crashed every time on the tested 2 devices. if you can fix this problem, the concept of this app (especially no need for root access) is pretty good and you’ll see good sales.

what’s your device model number sir can you send me so i fix it thank you

its work without root ?

yes sir it’s work without root

LOL, if you want make money here – you should test it on different devices before publishing for sale… not me. And also it is not device related issue… Your app is not working on the Android versions below Lollipop v5… You have mentioned “Software Version” Android 6.0, Android 5.1.x, Android 5.0, Android 4.4.x, Android 4.3.x, Android 4.2.x, Android 4.1.x, Android 4.0.4, Android 4.0.3, Android 4.0 but this is misleading info! Either make your app working since Android version 4 or remove this info from the description!

thanks for your suggestions sir

and can you send me the device model so i can fix it

its work without root ??

yes sir it’s work without root

Kudos! GLWS – DCSF

thank you sir

what about admob? how do we suppose to earn from this?

it’s depends on user uses thank

Good luck with sales . Thanks,

thank you sir

crashes on samsung duos android 4.2.2

let me check sir

Keep up the good work! DCSF

thank you

hello so are u working on making it compatible with android version 4? also how is your documentation? is it clearly documented how to set this up in android studio and reskin? thanks

okey give me some time for testing and slove error

did you fix it yet?

now yet but it’s tack some time sir but now you use for 5.0-6.0 currently working

If u fix all crashes I’ll buy. Crashed on Galaxy Note 3 4.4.2

yesh sure but you need to wait sir

how easy is it to publish this is there a video recording I can watch and follow step by step to build the apk or api files? that I can add to play store?

feedback seems negative

yes you can sir

hi i need installation services also ?

yes full documentation

no i have no ideia and software for apk file you have to do it for me

yes sir you get full documentation of apk install and source installing android studio

crashed on the launch

support on only Android 6.0, Android 5.1.x, Android 5.0


Admob Added ( 1 banner + 1 full_intersitial ) ?

yes i can help you in support sir