Scream Ninja: sound game Android

Scream Ninja: sound game Android

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About Game:

The first play with sound game template. Make the ninja move and jump on to platforms by making sounds. Control the ninja with your screams!!

Amongst Top trending games on Appstore.


  • Use Soft voice to move the ninja
  • Use Loud voice / whistle /scream to make the ninja jump and control it with voices to land on the platform and score a point.
  • Make sure you make the ninja jump really high by making a loud voice / whistle / scream and control the movement to land.
  • Make sure you don’t disturb you neighbours by making crazy sounds.

Android APK

Download the APK from the following link:

Unity Project Android:

This Project is optimised for Android, for iOS please follow link given above.

Game Features:

Features On Android

  • Admob Banner Ads
  • Admob Interstitials
  • Vungle Ads
  • Google Play Leaderboard
  • Rating Feature
  • Ready for Android


Documentation and Other

  • Everything Comes installed with the project  :) .
  • Complete Documentation Included (step by step guide, really easy!), easily reskin if you want or use the template for another game you want to make for yourself.

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