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Hi, I have purchased your code and am having trouble modifying features such as adding more level and number of game buttons.

1. adding more level : as you instructed in tutorials, I add images in drawable folder and I selected config.java and added image name and image file into array. After this,, I selected integer.xml to change Level Max Point to 1000,000 from 10,000 ==> It looked not working properly. I tries to add 100 levels and not clear how to set up level max point.

2. Number of game buttons : I would like to reduce from 6 buttons to 4 buttons. How to do it?

Deeply appreciated if you can reply quickly as you can!

Alright. I sent an email to you. Please check.

Any feedback? I believe time is golden to everyone. I don’t want to waste my time by just sitting and waiting for your feedback.

You can add more answer choices?

Hello, I found some error after import the code in eclipse, I have sent an email. Pleasse help me.

How to edit sourcecode ?

Using eclipse


Good App.

I have just 2 pre-sales questions:

1. Will you provide me the Android Studio project? 2. Do you have Google Analytics tracking implemented? If not, can you help me with the same.


Yes both changes are possible.Thanks


I will buy it today and will ping you so that you can help me with the above.

Regards, Oliver


Are these changes free of charge? Or you will charge extra?


Hello . please help me! I get an error http://cl.ly/image/3L3Q3J3q2N0j thanks

!!!! Hello . please help me! I get an error in code http://cl.ly/image/3L3Q3J3q2N0j thanks

Hi. I have problem http://prnt.sc/7jhaa4 help me please!!


Presale question. I’m very much interested in your app.

1. Does it support android v6+ and 7.0? 2. Does it have push notification? 3. Do you provide PSD files for easy customization? 4. Do you provide Android Studio project?

1. 7.0 2.Currently no push but possible 3.no there is no psd 4.yes possible. Thanks

Same questions than jmobile :
1) do you provide Android Studio project
2) have you implemented firebase ? (for tracking & notification)

thank you

1.Yes 2. Currently does not but I will do it for you. Thanks

2. for free ? if yes, i buy this item right now

help me ? i go this error http://goo.gl/Y65vM8

Hi please email me. Thanks

i got error : no resource identifier found for attribute ‘adunitid’ in package and ‘adsize’ pliz help

Did you purchased ?


I am a little hesitant buying this app because i fear it will get suspended for the usage of TM/R logos and artists pictures.

Hi, if you give proper credit of the logo then might be it is not problem. Thanks

I have purchased Scratch That Logo Quiz seriously you documentation is not clear you have mentioned that your code source work in ECLIPSE but in documentation i have seeing a link download for Android This a very BIG PROBLEM

Reply your mail please check it

See mail.

Hi, I have This Problem Please help me https://postimg.org/image/y5w976tut/

help me ? i go this error http://goo.gl/Y65vM8 !!

Hi, did you purchase it?

Yes, last year did not work code !!!

Please update this to Android studio

Yes mail me I will give code

What is your email?

Go to my profile there is right bottom section. Thanks

i had a lot of errors with this code 3 days without any solution :/ please if u have an update or an android studio project is better