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All of a sudden the scraper no longer supplies me with the custom fields like price for woocommerce. It’s only showing _item_likes.


Did you install a new plugin recently? If you have products in your WordPress installation, their meta names should be auto completed.

Thank you.

I bought 1 license but when activated, led the names of two sites (http://kavkazweb.biz, http://kchrline.ru) and the activation failed. Now I can’t activate the plugin.

Hello mirotvorec1,

One license code is valid for one domain, if you will use your code simultanously at these two domains you should buy another license, or use it on one and move it to another.

We have set your code to http://kavkazweb.biz when you want to change it please let us know.

Best regards.

Thank you very much! )

You’re welcome !


htcam Purchased

Hi, still finding my feet here post-purchase

Doing a serial scrape of this page:


Want to pull out the job listings on the RHS. For the Post Item the target button gives an XPATH of

` //html/body/form/div2/div4/div2/p/a `

I’ve tighten that, manually, to an XPATH of

` //div[@id=’second-column-textbox’]/p/a `

Either way, when I run the scrape, I’m generating 2 posts – the second one has the full content of the item I’m after (good!), but the first is blank (bad).

Looking at meta of the unwanted post, its _scrape_original_url is the YouTube video link on the centre of the page. I can’t see where my selector letting me down?

Hi again,

No, one link is not a problem we asked that just for curiosity, generally our customers use serial scraping for much more amount of posts.

Your xpath, and the visual selector’s xpath are both o.k. but the links share the same structure, like two neighbor div’s first a link, therefore our algorithm finds them both. without code modification it seems not possible to avoid youtube link but we will check it again.

Thank you.

I’m reading at the source, and in execute_scrape() the plugin code targets an element, based on the value of the scrape_listitem metadata value, which is the XPATH for a Post Item. If the links I want are inside a div of id #second-column-textbox and the YouTube link is inside a div #first-column-textbox , surely this XPATH value is designed to distinguish between them, ie:


The docs imply that the XPATH is used to find the links to full entries. Is that right?

Yes that element becomes the reference a element but other elements are also searched in serial scraping to find the other similar elements, there comes your youtube link because they are in the same level of DOM elements.


ptrcktn Purchased


All of a sudden when I selecte “Unlimited” under “Schedule Options” the “Run Frequency” section is missing and it can’t expand. I am unable to select the run frequency.

Please help.

Hello ptrcktn,

Possibly another plugin or theme distorts the schedules. can you install duo leaf cron manager and send us the screenshot?

Best regards.

Hi, How are you? I hope you doing good. I have question before buy, I want to scrape wordpress site, that have 68 pages, but, I want that the scraper will start from page 68 and go to page 1, I want to scrape everyday only 5 posts, you think it’s possible?


Yes of course you can contact us via http://codecanyon.net/user/octolooks#contact


Replied back, thank you.

Hi, i’m testing your plugin on your demo. I want to import produtcs from another website. ı just need very easy values.

Title All images Price Category

I made all but the featured gallery images are syncing very small.

Can you maybe help me with it?

Hello marcareklam,

Thank you for your interest, can you share us the url and featured image xpath value? Then we can check it.

Best regards.

accidental post

Reset your code, thank you :)


I have already installed Duo Leaf Cron Manager as you had suggested, but when I select “Unlimited” – “Total Runs” for “Schedule Options” the “Run Frequency” tab does not show completely.

I have included a screenshot here:


Please help thank you.


As we see you use newspaper theme, which disrupts the existing cron schedules, we had this issue from another customers too.

In td_cake.php about 549th line, you should replace this line:

function _schedule_modify_add_three_days() {


function _schedule_modify_add_three_days($schedules) {

Thank you.

Hi guys. a question 1. Сan I get the parserScrapes information from this site? Avito.ru (content, phone number and photo) phone number is also available in the mobile version of the site m.avito.ru 2. Is it possible to place data in custom fields? I’m using the classipress template from the appthemes http://demos.appthemes.com/?theme=classipress

Thank you

Hi kvorus,

Thank you for your interest, yes you can get the content, image, title from the website but we couldn’t see the telephone information. For example https://www.avito.ru/nartkala/zapchasti_i_aksessuary/rezina_na_x5_1088881697 can you show us where the whole telephone number is? And yes our plugin supports custom fields you can watch this tutorial how to use them : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YLts7kNGbA&list=PL0bQlfzf5aF6MVV2vA4tLNAc13lpbEn6a

All _price, _gallery_images are custom fields for WooCommerce.

Best regards.

Thanks To see the phone number, you need to click on the blue button 8-928-XXX-XX-XX and the number will be visible

And this is not a woocommerce, if it’s important

The click events sadly need javascript to run, probably you can not retrieve that phone field.

Kind regards.


I have purchased three licenses for Scrapes.

I have installed the plugin and activated the license on the domains lifeviews.gr, freddonews.gr and agro-business.gr

But they don’t seem to function/do anything. Is there something that has to be done on your edge?

Please advise

Thank you

Hello parapolitika,

No your purchase codes are automatically activated, can you send us your purchase codes via pm http://codecanyon.net/user/octolooks#contact so wen check their records.


I have sent them

Replied back thank you.

Hi can I ask you for unassgn purchse code xxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxx70aa from website so I can use it again ? Thank you

Hello ludeksantora,

We have deleted your record so you can now register with another domain now.

Our best.