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Great work, keep going! :)

Thank you! :)


I saw your script and I really like. I have a website that calculates the time in Italy.


I would like to use your script to improve my site. More precisely, I would put a clock for each page (eg. Rome, Paris, Athens etc)

I would like to know a few things: 1. when I install the script I do not want users to see the control panel; And 2. ‘can be translated into Italian also the days of the week? 3. I would like to know the requirements that must my host


Hello, 1. Bying sClock you will receive sClock files to install on your webpage. Those files are only clocks files – there is no additional control panel. So don’t worry about that – you will have what you need. We can help you with installation. 2. Yes, of course. You can test translation before you buy. Just enter Italian days names and month names into proper fields, here: http://sensej.pl/sclock/ It will generate code to you final clocks installation. 3. Basically, there are no requirements! It will work on every page (sClock is JS + HTML + CSS script). If you have PHP server, you can use PHP time additionally. See example sClock usage in Polish: http://insiderfx.pl/

Best regards

hi. i just purchase your work, but is little hard to use it: can you make, that clocks can be generated from downloaded files? I tried to use http://sensej.pl/sclock/, with different browsers and not generate any preview or code. Can you make a step by step tutorial for beginers user like me? I’s not to easy to generate some cloks with this version.

Hello, thank your for buying and contacting us. Indeed there were some temporary server issues, but that were fixed and all should work well now. Please try again, if you need our support feel free to ask! Best Regards.

Thank you for your support. Can be update this like wordpress plugin? How insert it to wordpress standalone site?

Hi, we thought about to make it WordPress plugin, but to be honest I don’t know when could you expect to find final product.

Adding clocks to WordPress should be easy as:

1. Adding folders you received from donwloaded zip.

2. Add code generated by sClock Mega Editor (http://sensej.pl/sclock) into HEAD section. You can edit WordPresses .php files or install plugin such as:


3. Add code generated by sClock Mega Editor to place you want to place your clocks.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask!

Good luck, share your result and rate us! :)

Hi, great work and esthetic! 2 presales questions: 1.- I have a several timetables of virtual meetings on UTC time (London) in our WordPress site. I need my world-around visitors to calculate local time of these meeting so they can attend. I think this program can be useful + beautiful, but I have no idea about JavaScript. Is it as easy to install as you say? 2.- The server uses PHP for WordPress to works, but I don’t know what more do I need on my server to set PHP time?


Do you know exact location I need to upload “sClock folders” to? (WordPress 4.1.)

It’s really hard to say, because it depends on your WP configuration. If you will have problem with that, consider to gave us permissions to help you.

I guessed everything INSIDE your ‘css’ folder should be INSIDE WordPress ‘css’ folder (including index.html), everything inside your ‘images’ folder should be on WordPress ‘images’ folder and everything inside your ‘js’ folder should be on WordPress ‘js’ folder, SO I’VE DONE IT.

I’ve generated code on ‘http://sensej.pl/sclock/’, opened Edit -> header.php, pasted it just before ‘</header>’ label and Saved.

The web goes to blank.

Deleting code ON header.php brings web back to normal.

No, that’s for sure not the right way to put files as you mentioned. Send us a message to reklama@sensej.pl, I will try to help you find answer.

really useful stuff, good job ! :)

Thank you very much :)

Nice clock, but how can I specify cities? I see offset: '+12:0' in code – is this UTC format? Sydney`s time is +10 UTC. When I write it in code it shows me wrong time. Halp!

Please give us few examples, we will test and reply to you. OK?

I think I`ll make it by myself, thank you.

Hope you will going well!

Using the scripts with WordPress results in the following errors:

TypeError: jQuery(...).easyTicker is not a function

TypeError: $(...).sClock is not a function

Any idea?

1) There was an error in the path to the directory /js…

2) I had to add the right path to the directory with the images in sClock.js.

FireBug shows that the clock is running, but it is not showing on the page.

Please give more detalis and web address to you WP on reklama@sensej.pl. I’ll try to help you.

Thank you!

Hi! My clock doesnt work properly. It works only in 7 page loadings from 10. When there is no clock, console gives me this error: Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function


There is no widget in IE at all here


What should I do? I`m ready to delete your widget from all of my websites.

Give us a while, I will check and try to help you.

OK I see that you unproperly installed the clock.

You entered all clock code in <BODY> section. Read carefuly installation steps – trere is code for BODY and for HEAD section too. This is important due to clock work properly.

Now you just have to move some code from BODY to HEAD – that all. Clock should work!

Feel free to ask if you have questions.

Hello, Great work. Bought the script. Can you please provide example how to make it work using php server Thanks

Thank you!

Just check “PHP time” and click “Save changes” in Mega editor. It will generate code to insert in .php file.

To be sure that your clock uses PHP time, check PHP time debug option – it will send you and JS alert message with information about time base (is it your PC or PHP server).

So simple!

But if you really need an example write me: reklama@sensej.pl. I’ll try to help you.

Hello, thank you for your reply. I have placed the code in a php file and it works

Thanks for the great plugin! While implementing it, I found a few issues with the plugin.

in sClock.js, there should be a few changes:

Around line 216 (when setting the AM PM text), there should be an else if block to account for when the time is 12 noon, something like this:

if (hr > 12) {
    hr -= 12;
    amOrPmText = " PM";
} else if (hr == 12) {
    amOrPmText = " PM"; 
} else {
    if (hr == 0) hr = 12;

Also, around line 197, getDay() should be used instead of getUTCDay().

Thank you, I’ll check this!

Hi. i use your app and it’s great. Now i have a little question. Wen i use server time, is any way to set second, not just hours and minutes. I need this to set clock exactly. (on utc offset fields.)

Hello. Time from PHP server is getting in Hours Minutes and Seconds. But unfortunately it is impossible to offset clock using seconds.

I’m really glad you like it!

thank you for your reply!

Sorry, i’m again here, i get an error: Your PHP is not ready to read time from server. How to get server time in this situation ( i tried on 2 hostings)

Hi. To make it work, you have to: “To work properly, you have to put your clock code in PHP file on working PHP server.” Did you did that?

Now is working. Thank you for your great support!

How can I change timezone while I’m using php server time? This is is important for me. I will use server time to sync the student time and I will convert it into other timezone so it will be accurate otherwise student’s computer time can be wrong…

dts is manual. How can we make it automatic ? March 27 some countries time will be change but some not. Example Philippines has fixed utc time value. if I make it dts=true it affect philippines time also… How can I solve it ?

I found a solution already ;-)


Its says you can make your own skins and instructions are in FAQ. How do I get to FAQ?



FAQ is below the project page, click ‘Live Preview’ then scroll down.

Have luck!

I found the FAQ.

Another question, how do I adjust position of hands?


The hands are off the point I want them to be.



Now just edit one of already existing hands and you will get what you want! Remember to set you own hands the same way as original ones.

Best regards!

Is there an easy way to rearrange the clocks?

Hello, yes, after you set up your clocks just rearrange DIVs in step 3.

Hi I’ve been trying to add this to a page and can’t seem to get it to work, I’ve been able to get the code to work on the server however I’m new to php and jquery etc… and need help with changing the syntax to work on my site I keep messing things up and just have no luck, I was able to embed the page I did get working with a iframe to make it look nice but this isn’t what I want to end up with and more of a work around is there anyway you can help

Can you give me an example page where you have lack of images?

I have done that above I used your sample page and just put ver 1 and ver 3, I’m still learning and not sure if I’m taking the right steps as well I’m working on jquery ui and I’m not sure but it looks like it might not work with ver 3 and only 1.12 so I’m wondering why the ver 2 and ver 3, and maybe I just have to look harder for ways to do what I want in ver 1 and then see if I can get it all working with your clock code with no issues

I’m also playing with this page right now to see if I can get it all working. I can’t find a answer as to why the different ver’s but did notice you use ver 1 on your page a lot is that the one to use and why is there other verison

live test page http://oac.dodgenet.ca/test/jquery-ui-stable/test1.html

Live demo are not working? Please can you let me know that does this work in XenForo, adding HTML code to my XenForo Template? Also can add show only bangladesh time zone?

Can show Example in sidebar: https://image.prntscr.com/image/rezSC1a-SQu1YvdEYlZa-g.png

Hello, live demo is working. Check again.

Clock is based on JS and CSS so you could attach it whereever browsers are rendering the page. But you could have some limitations from forum provider which I don’t know. So I cannot guarantee it will be possible.