sClock Mega Package Analog Clocks w. TimeZones

sClock Mega Package Analog Clocks w. TimeZones

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sClock is the product that has 16 unique styles which you can unlimitedly scale.
This set of clocks is highly configurable.
You don’t have to know JavaScript or other languages.
You can implement as many clocks as you want on your site in just few minutes thanks to easy setup (few lines of code, that you can just copy from sClock Mega Editor).
You can define as many time zones as you need.
You can place each clock on your page wherever you want.

It can use local time and server time:
sClock could use local – end user – time or if you use PHP server – it could use server time also. If PHP server time is not available, time would get automatically from user’s device. You have flexibility then to choose the way you need.
PHP time – good when you have PHP server and you want to be sure, that all users around the world will see exactly the same time on your clocks (synchronized with your server).
JavaScript time – good when you want to use your clock to run within the static page. If the PHP time is not reachable, JS time will be used automatically within JS clock.
There is additional option for debugging – you can enable it to check if time is taken from PHP or JS.

You can add your own skin (graphics) using different picture extensions (e.g. PNG or SVG). FAQ includes instruction how to create your own, custom clock.

Most of clocks are in vector format (SVG), so you can scale them as much as you want – retina ready. They look pretty as a small clocks but also as a full screen width (see live example). This is also true with mobile devices as tablets, smartphones, phablets etc.

Main functions:
sClock gives you many important features and functions which you can set up separately for each clock on your site.

1. 16 predefined appearances (with SVG and PNG pictures) – you can customize each thanks to special edit files (included) or create your own
2. as many clocks on one site/page as you want
3. world time zones for each clock
4. you can set time zones up to 1 minute accuracy
5. you can use Daylight Saving Time calculation or disable it
6. all of the clocks are fully scalable – you can set size to whatever you want, without quality loss
7. copy/paste implementation
8. time measure based on PHP (if you use PHP server, you can take advantage of this function, to be sure all of your users will see the same time, independently from their local device time)
9. time based on JavaScript (time will depend on end-user device time)
10. you can decide if each clock will animate or not
11. second hand could be hidden
12. second hand could tick or move smoothly
13. you can hide date and digital clock separately
14. label could be set above, below the clock or just removed
15. you can select AM/PM or 24h version of digital clock
16. you can set Months names or Days names by your own (proper to your language)
17. clocks are looking good on every background
18. you can use just digital clock without analog one
and much more, see live example!