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Good taste but I wanted to do a query at first you may be adding a search engine to search in all categories?

Contact on Skype:viaviwebtech

hello: 1. support search 2. support images and youtube videos on post

Contact on Skype:viaviwebtech

will this application support cache?

No its does not support cache.

hi, am interesting in this app.This app is somehow useful to make another app which is my semester project.can u provide apk to test it…. or a video link…

and what u provide me in regular license ….?

reply me so i can buy it

Hi, is it possible to add 2 or more images in a post?


for now its only one, If you want we can add more than 2 images and will have to set more images view in the app too..

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can this app work as for students at my college to post there work and have a fair or showcasing of work e.g competition?

Hi sir, it can be work for you college students, and there may be some customization in case you used this app for science fare according to your requirements. For more inforamtion contact on Skype : suppor.viaviweb

can this app users share what they upload to social networks? and can it also invite traffic from social networks to view whats uploaded to the app

contact on skype:support.viaviweb

it is possible to add 2 or more images or video ?

can do with customization. contact on skype : viaviwebtech gmail : viaviwebtech@gmail.com / info@viaviweb.com

Is this Learning app ? can i make it like => NTS Test App ?

contact on support skype..

will it work without internet ?

No sir, it cannot work without internet, IF you have custom features requirements than you can PM with me on skype : support.viaviweb

super technical support Thank you very much!

Welcome :)