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Does this include web version too? .

No. Only admin panel and app

I am adding Items in a category but item count is zero, I mean items posted in certain category is unavailable when you navigate to the category you have posted.For example when someone post in General (category), item count is still zero, the item posted is not listed in the category.

Please give me your config files db.inc.php and Constants.java for testing

My email: qascript@mail.ru

Check your email


You created and deleted categories using the admin panel!


Delete all the tables in current Database and execute in the browser: yousite.com/install.php

Create a new administrator account

Re-create categories

I get error when forgot password, “when loading data error has occurred.Check your network connection.” In line 41 I have changed state to account_state in api / v1 / method / account.recovery.inc.php file but still I am getting error, I have setup SMTP.

Probably – no time zone is set for the server

This is the error in error log file [30-Mar-2017 12:16:27 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: state in /home/xxx/public_html/api/v1/method/account.recovery.inc.php on line 41

I have set time zone for my server but still there is an error

Getting “When loading, data error occurred while doing forgot password”. Please help


bilaza Purchased

Same problem here I receive after pressing forgot password it tells “When loading, data error occurred while doing forgot password”. Followed all the steps as above mentioned but still the problem persists any clarifications so far?

I am facing same problem I had not solved it. Getting “When loading, data error occured” when you forgot password.

@paulchazzy -Change:

api / v1 / method / account.recovery.inc.php file

line number 41, replace “state” to “account_state”

will you be able to connect this app to a django api app

Thanks for the quick reply .What are the services you provide Hypothetically is it possible to integrate django api to your project with the help of an experienced android developer .Am android illiterate . Thanks again

When I created the application and the server part – I did not think about third-party services, etc.

In this life there is nothing impossible. But I doubt that someone will want to do this …

Thanks qascript .Some more questions. 1)What kind of server requirements an app like this need for starting and growing ….Which specific plan do you advocate for AWS and Herocu and Google Cloud….Please give me specifics if possible .Want to calculate and compare the entire setup cost by myself .It will be a great help if you give me some advice on this . Please consider me using the same plan for multiple apps

2) I checked almost all of your social media apps .Am happy with the School network,But wanted the School network with the News app feature of adding news by admin PLUS i wanted the feature of RSS feed aggregation by the system. Advice me if possible

Thank you so much for answering my pervious questions. Can I add features to the script or is that against the policy? I don’t know, I’m new to creating sites and apps. Thank you

Im trying to get some help with the code. What file is the code saved as and is this for android or iOS? Someone told me Xcode is for iOS, is that correct?

Dear, what iOS ??

This application for Android!

Ok thank you, I told the person that’s working on this for me that. I will tell them again that this is android

1. web side -> Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in /home/u324913946/public_html/class/class.msg.inc.php on line 34

2. app side -> when i clicked edit at question, app is down.

3. app side -> i can see profile page on app. everytime i see “when loading data error has occurred.Check your network connection.”. so i can not view message page and profile pictures etc.

Please disable Strict Standards on you server

How to translate this: https://nimbus.everhelper.me/client/notes/share/866619/dfzgogy5xuu5l0vyg5c8

It isn’t in the strings.xml file!

You received a response from @Heisenberg1973 – this is the Android system dialog!

@ingilizcecin you can’t translate this. This is alert from Android system.

Correct answer :)

What tech used? I mean, this is hybrid using Cordova? Ionic? Phonegap? Or native using 100% Java? Thank you for your response.

100% native java