School Management System

School Management System

VITA School is a school management system. VITA offers you an understandable UI and some great features for school management.

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Feature List

  • Multi Account System for admins
  • Clear Dashboard
  • Full Menu on Dashboard
  • Student Management
  • Class Management
  • Course Management
  • Lesson / Mark Management
  • Student Information System
  • System Configuration Page
  • Public School Profile (Contact Information etc)
  • Built-in help center

Multi Account System You can add more than one system admin as teachers so they can separately manage their own fields.

Clear Dashboard A clear and understandable admin dashboard is available for track total records of school, also you can find a small panel which remembers to user exam of day.

Student Management Features of this module; Add new student, delete student, update student, create a login password for student, print information page, track payments of student and view full list of students available and manage them with a single click from list.

Class Management You can add/edit/delete classes and print students belonging to related class. You can also print some useful information about class like capacity, class manager etc. In few words this module is used to manage fully school’s class data

Course / Lesson / Exams / Marks Module This features are for managing all information about functioning of the lesson.

Student Information System Students can login to system for viewing their marks, personal information and checking payments to school.

Public School Profile A bussiness card page for school. This page is open to public and there is no need to login. Visitors can find contact information and some other data about school.