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Is it possible to get a contact system to contact students / parents / group of students etc

No, sorry.

Most of the PHP code is in czech….:( but other than that seems to be ok…

Updated app version :).

i have been watching this script for a while now and looking into purchasing it i have a few ideas to pitch for a later version

(1) student allergies (2) Parents names , contact details , adress and phone numbers (3) Emergancy contact numbers (incase of parent unable to be contacted (4) religious requirements (5) files downloadable for EACH student and only the student in question from a file directory such as a folder (thought here is for using a pdf creator and saving directly to a student folder directory for such things as school reports) (6) press to call skype buttons for each teacher generated (7) class grade number and teacher name

just for starters

this is a great script and has a lot of potential

I notice and will be in next 1.5 update :)

Hi there,

I would like to know why there are only few sms providers as in the market there are a lot which are providing the sms services with more facilities and have their own direct connections, I have a few customers who would like to use the system and are asking for us to provide them one but since we are not able to find the API that where we could earn on the basis of service for sms we are not referring at your location, i would be glad to share the same on our blog and forums on our website if you could integrate the API we wish to sell to our customers.

Kindly let me know if you are available on Skype and we could discuss further.

BR Harshada Chaudhari


of course. Add my nickname “goumbik”. We can talk about it :). Have a nice day.


PHP/C99Shell.F , maybe you need to check your coding before trying to test/use this script

Hello, im sorry for that. Users uploaded some risky files. I cleaned that and removed this option from demo.

Hi, is it possible to import result via csv file – also are all the different result customisable?

Would also be able to to update results via google docs?

Hello, which data would you like to import from csv / google docs excel document?

hi, Please can one attach a document file or a media file for students?

Hello, of course. You can attach file/media to whole class. All students will see that.

I will make update coming this weekend :) so you will enjoy more functions and graphic improvements.


Wpij Purchased

Hi! if i want to add new student i’ll see this error:

Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/u373848635/public_html/akce.php on line 399

Fatal error: Call to undefined function rand_str() in /home/u373848635/public_html/akce.php on line 420

What is bad?


Wpij Purchased

And if you can please tell me on which version php it is woking?


deprecated functions removed and function rand_str() replaced by another. So it wont be problem in your PHP version right now. Here is patched file: http://www.megafileupload.com/7rho/patch.zip

Have a nice day :)


Wpij Purchased

hay, thanks for that, it’s working :)! But i have another problem, Where i can delete a student?

Please refund my money

No One should buy this script. This is a scam.

Hello, problems are in install on your server. This script tests internet speed between browser and your server.


We are bulk sms services Provider and my customer requied School management system can u please help me to intrigate so that will purchase


Hello, there is sms gateway connected.

Hello, can you help me make some changes in the php? I have added a drop down menu with multiple selection for classes, and i need when i add a student to be able to select multiple classes, but i have a problem when i try to submit the data. Thank you for your time.

Hello, thank you. I will have a look

Thanks again!!

Helo, do you have any news?


I how can I view student password? Also how can I remove a student

Hello, in students, there is export button with all login informations.

Do you have any kind of fee system available in it? How does the school sends payment reminders or ask them to make payment through Paypal or any custom payment gateway. A fee structure is the most essential part of the whole school management program.

Hello, fee system can be added. Can you describe more?

can a particular student login be blocked if you do not want them to login

Hello, actually to delete his account.