School Management System

School Management System

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Update on August 2016
School grading system is simple PHP application for managing students, classes, subjects, school attendance and evaluation. You can enter as teacher (admin) or as parent (user) that checks specific student statistics.

Teacher / admin account

Login : demo / demo2

  • Connected on SMS sending system
  • E-mail notifications
  • Add / edit / delete news
  • Add / edit / delete classes
  • Create / edit / delete students
  • Insert student into class and manage marks from each subject
  • Insert attendance to each student
  • Add / edit / delete subjects
  • View statistics
  • Change current password
  • Print login info for parents
  • Add more teachers
  • Manage comments and ratings to each student
  • Add attachment to class (with name and date)

Parents / student

Login : 6 / e0jk53tk

  • Parents can check student’s marks, attendace and rating
  • Students can set their own profile with photo and informations.
  • Can access their classes to view announcement from teacher or to chat with other students.
  • They also can view attached files from teacher


(Changing admin password or removing students is disabled in demo version)

Included documentation inside with full database tables.
Font used : Myriad Pro, Arial
Icons : IconSweets


Version 1.1 Updates :
- Added some secure improvements
- You can add now more teachers
- You can attach files to each class (parrents and students can see all attachments in their section)

Version 1.2 Updates :
- You can now write ratings / comments to each student (status, rating value, subject, text, date)

Version 1.3 Updates (03/03/2013):
- Function description in file function.php included
- Student section is now more divided
- Added class dashboard – student can now chat with other members of class
- Teachers can now add announcer into each class (it displays on class dashboard)
- Students can now set their own profiles (info, contact, profile photo, link on social sites, hobby) and provide it via URL link.

Version 1.4 Updates (02/03/2016):
- Bootstrap 3 user interface
- improved documentation (styled html format)
- better commented source code (especially PHP functions in file function.php)
- some security improvements

Version 1.5 Updates:
- Connected on SMS API by
- Added e-mail notifications
- News listing on homepage improved

Version 1.6 Updates:
- updated Homepage (login page)
- Latest news from popup modal window on login page