School Management System (Seeker Gateway) Open Source Full ERP MVC 5

School Management System (Seeker Gateway) Open Source Full ERP MVC 5

Seeker Gateway
Seeker Gateway is school management application ,having a sharp modules ,now this version is boilerplate ,developers easy to extend.

username and password=admin

Note: if come error in demo write us on email: ,i will restore database earlier.

Video Demo
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School Management System (Seeker Gateway) Open Source Full ERP MVC 5 - 1

-Masters Utility(Language,Session Year,Gender,Designation,Salary Grade,Salary Type,Subject Type,Guardian Relation,Exam Grade,Certificate Type,Transport Vehicle,Hostel Type,Payment Method)
-Settings(Application Setting,General Setting)
-Human Resource (Designation,Employee )
-Class Management
-Section Management
-Subject Management
-Syllabus Management
-Class Routine Management
-Guardian Management
-Student Management(Manage Student,Student Attendance)
-Assignment Management
-Exam Management(Exam Grade,Exam Term,Exam Schedule,Exam Suggestion,Exam Attendance,Exam Mark,Promotion)
-Certificate Management(Certificate Type,Generate Certificate)
-Library Management(Library Book,Library Member,Book Issue And Return)
-Transport Management(Transport Vehicle,Transport Route,Transport Member)
-Hostel Management(Hostel Type,Manage Hostel,Hoste lRoom)
-Announcement Management(Notice,News,Holiday,Event )
-Visitor Management
-Payroll Management(Salary Grade,Salary Payment,Payment Hisotry)
-Accounting Management(Ledger Head,Income,Expense,Invoice)
-File Manager
-Message (Email Message)
-My Profile
-User Management all these type(Super Admin,Admin,Teacher,Student,Guardian,Accountant,Librarian,Receptioniast,Staff,Servent)
-Role Management (create multiple type roles)
-RoleUser Multiple roles assign to each user.
-Menu Dynamic Menu Navbar
-Menu Permission and privileges assigned to someone
-Is Create, Is Read,Is Update or Is Delete

Seeker Gateway Developer Features
-Speed up web development by using ready modules
-Web Presentation UI Layer Models,Data Access Layer,Repository,Services Source code available with All Source code -Easy to customize this project for developers
-Graphical Dashboard
-Role User Chart
-Last Registered User Chart
-Project Chart etc.
-Multiple Other Master Wizards
-Text Editor
-Stiky Notification
-Responsive Layout
-Export to pdf,excel etc.
-Insert Edit,delete Using Page Dialog Not need for refresh Page
-Jquery Datatable Grid, Search,Page Size,Paging Features Includes.
System Requirement.
.Net framework 4.5
Sql Server 2008 OR +

:Unzip Solution
:Open in visual studio
:Change Connection string of database
:Take Database script from root and run in your mssql server
:Run It

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