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Hello, I would like to know if the plugin has an option for importing data from csv file. For example, it would be nice to upload a list of marks, or the list of students or teachers from an excel file. There are plugins which can do this for custom post types. Could this be done, inside or outside the plugin? Thank you.

1. You can import and export students from csv file. 2. You can only export marks.Marks import can be done with code customization. 3. No you can not do out side plugin.

Hello! Your plugin looks great, but can you answer some pre-sale questions? Do you offer any kind of paid support? Do you provide optional branding of admin interface? Can you give a link to plugin docs so I can look into all functionality? Thank you.

Can you give me an answer? Thanks!

1. Yes. We do offer code customization support. 2. No branding added. 3. You can check this link to see the admin side snaps. http://www.mobilewebs.net/mojoomla/extend/wordpress/school/admin-screen-shots/


Is it possible to create custom fields for teacher qualification, such as area-by-area drop-downs? Is it also possible to configure these results in a PDF to print?

And finally, can you develop that configuration?

Yes, it is possible to add custom fields and pdf print.Please send your design so we can properly understand.

Is there a way to register marks not only for exams, but on daily basis per-subject?

Also – can I view monthly report of teacher/student attendance? How can I track such scenario: Teacher 1 is absent, Teacher 2 is present instead of Teacher 1? So in the end of month I get the report with number of working hours for each teacher.

1. In current version you can give marks only for exams. 2. Yes,you can see attendance report for student wise and teacher wise between two dates.

It is possible to implement extra features as per your requirement with code customization task.


I was able to Import students from a csv file however the First name and family name are not being imported.

To make sure that the csv file is correct, i exported a demo data from the plugin, edited the data including name then imported the file but still facing the same issue.

please advise.

email sent

Didn’t receive any update from your side! please treat this issue as very urgent

replied one email support

does the plugin support printing certificates? is there a mechanism to move the student from a class to high class when passing all the exams and get a pass degree?

1. In the current version of the plugin certificate print is not available. 2. Yes, you can migrate passed students from one class to another class.

in case of need to add more features, more fields, what is the scenario? to what extent you would add or develop such things?

With some code customization you can do that.

Hi, How can I use the plugin in RTL languages? Thank you

Set wordpress language to rtl language.

is there possible can add more custom modules as required from clients. ??

2. Yes, It is possible.We do provide code customization task support.

The system has a consolidation of notes for each academic period?


you mean the summary? on results sheet?

I need a hostel management module too, Is any future update will have more modules??if I purchase plugin

1. Yes We are looking forward to have dormitory module in next update.

hi how do i make amendment on the student registration template?

2. You need to have code customization knowledge to do that or we can do it for you.

i have created a few member after registration. however all my member failed to login even after i deactivate security plugin. may i know how to resolve this?

1.You have to active student from the admin side after that they can login.

1. Admission Number is not there which is important, 2.we want Indian currency to be added.3 If parents want to make full payment is there any option instead of creating multiple entries. 4. Under parent login – Payment is showing errors.

Documents- not able to locate out in the package. Let us also know the cost of multi user license, for different branches, and different school

replied on email support

Admission Number is not available in this application

I want to add admission Number, and fee to be customized with different fee heads, and flexibility to pay, one time, quarterly, monthly. The fees will be different for people who cannot pay at one go. Can these modification be made and at what cost.

Hi, I’m sorry to tell this but your live preview isn’t working

the link is working but I can’t find anything in the page! and the sidebar disappears after a second


Please check now..

Thank you for the great plugin, i just have some questions: 1- Is there a way to assign one subject to two Teacher 2- How to allow teacher to add mark without allowing him to update it


1. At the moment it is not possible to do that. 2. Currently teacher can add and update both.But it is possible with customization.

Is there a way to customize 1 & 2 for us. if yes please send us a detailed email to info@iislb.com

replied on your email

Bought the plugin, installed and activated the plugin. The tabs on my dashboard is shown, but when I try to click on it, it takes me to error page. page url shows https://lyceeschool.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=smgt_setup and the error message shows “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” Have also sent message but no response. Do help.

Please click on support tab and share FTP details.

Good day will like to buy this plugin But have some questions. 1. Does all the teachers have access to their classes they dont teach. coz in you demo I can see that a teacher can see all the classes. 2. can the student search for their friends info? 3. Can a teacher teach more than 1 subject.

how many students can the plugin hold?

and no Accountant

1. Does all the teachers have access to their classes they dont teach. coz in you demo I can see that a teacher can see all the classes. =>Yes. 2. can the student search for their friends info? =>No 3. Can a teacher teach more than 1 subject. =>No. 4.how many students and no Accountant can the plugin hold? => As per database.you can have as many as you want.

Hallo, i interested with your plugin. Can you estimated price for help me add field customize students form in dashboard and registration online? And custom data can be export to csv. http://prnt.sc/eujoc9

Click on support tab here and send us email and we can get you the quote.

It will be cool if i can access this plugin true WP REST API

We have the mobile app if that’s what you are looking for?