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hi, don’t see any demo login info, and demo/demo doesn’t work, it doesn’t seem like the login page is connected even if it did work because it comes up page not found. Looks good though from screenshots :)

Thanks for showing interest in the plugin. I will update demo details in few minutes.

Please try the demo link now: http://www.mobilewebs.net/mojoomla/extend/wordpress/school/

Credentials written on same page.

Hi, i would like test the demo but no info to have the login and pass.

It seems great but before to buy, i would like to test

best regards,

Thanks for showing interest in the plugin. I will update demo details in few minutes.

Please try the demo link now: http://www.mobilewebs.net/mojoomla/extend/wordpress/school/

Credentials written on same page.

hi there,

We are interested in buying this for one of our client. But need to clarify that whether it can be integrated with mobile sms system.

Waiting for your comments.


if you have already signed up for SMS gateway like Twilio then yes its possible to have it integrated with Mobile SMS with minor code modification

twilio and clickatell option has been added

Hello there, i would like to know if this work in multisite?


Its been not designed for multisite so do not have definite answer on that but I assume it should work.

it is hard to get the correct data in the attendance functionality?

When teacher takes attendance all they have to do is select present radio button and then select multiple students at once which are present and save it. Then select absent radio button and select student which are absent and save it. That’s it, you are done taking attendance

yes but how to view which absent and which is not?

its really very easy interface. To view the absent or present data you just elect the date and class and click on take/view attendance. If it is past date then it will show you un-editable version of attendance clearly marked with student present status. So in the demo site login as teacher and then select 18-05-2015 as date and class 5 and then click on the view button and see the results. For the current date you will always have option to edit entries.

When logged in as a teacher and clicked on exams, there is an Parse error: syntax error.

that’s because you are on your site, when entered with envato top headbar it gives an error… when envato frame is closed it opens up fine… ;)

that’s interesting as even with envato top header it doesn’t show anything like that. What browser you are using?

Pre sales question.

I have a client who runs a music school and has asked me to put in a booking and calendar system for his teachers and students.

So would this fill the needs do you think.

Some of the requirements are teacher control over their own calendar and also the ability for online payments to be made by parents for younger students. Also their is a requirement to link into google calendar.


1) The system can be customized with small code modification to allow teacher to enter their own calendar. 2) Online payment is not possible with current version but you can customize the code to have it implemented. 3) If teacher can set calendar from system, I do not see use of google calendar. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Yes there is a need for google calendar integration since the teachers are mobile and not tied to just my clients school it allows for theme to be reminded and instantly updated for lessons.

Also without the payment integration and although you say it can be added in my experience this would cause instability problems in the long run.

Thanks for clearing it out. Seems both of your needs can only be satisfied with custom development.

I need the following options:

1.Payment module: I want to have the option to add serveral items for one invoice.There can be a (+) sign to add more items to the invoice. There should be another option “School Expenses and Income” where there will be an option for adding any new expense or income. Any student payment will be automaticlly included in the school’s income list. There should be an option to calculate total expenses and income of the school for a date range which can be slected from the frontend and the this report needs to be printed out. 2. There should be some exam category like Term Final Exam, Midterm or Class Test. For Final Term there should be an option to add some marks in percentage from mideterm and class test. The pertcentage value can be given from the front end using a form. 3. The teacher who will input mark should have only access to the subjects to whiche he/she is assigned when inputting marks. 4. Student marksheets needs to printed out both in bulk and one by one. For the mark sheet of final exam there should be two more columns ( mid term mark and class tests mark). In the marksheet the name of the school, studnet roll no, class name and academic year needs to printed out. 5. I need to add routesms api for the sms integration. 6. I need another role: payment staff/accounts to handle payment of the students.

Hi! What will be the cost of customization to add tabulation sheet with print option and the options listed above. There should be option to divide the subject mark into some sections ( for example creative section, multiple choice and practical). Admin should have the choice to assign the maximum mark for each section. The section marks should be reflected in the tabulation sheet and the report card/marksheet.

Waiting for your reply.

You need to click on support tab and send us ticket (select product customization in category box) and our customization team will get back to you with quote.

twilio and clickatell option has been added

Looks great, GLWS! Will keep an eye on this.

Hi , Considering to buy this plugin. Was checking Demo. Is it possible for Parent to check attendance of complete month? Couldn’t find this is demo.It is showing for today only.

Once you install on your wordpress instance just follow instruction for admin backend. For front end login form you can simply create menu link for school system and you will see the form like we have on our demo

what should be the path of menu link..do we need to use shortcode?i have already installed the plugin.i have created the students , teachers etc.

Once you install the plugin it creates school management login page link automatically. So go to wp-admin -> appearance -> menu and you will see the school system login link there. Just add it to the menu you have already created in your site. There is short code for this as well, I will do posting on that in few mins


What is the admin role username and password. So that I can test admin role.

Thanks Umair

due to security concern the admin demo is not possible. However you can check the screenshots to see how admin view for the system looks like.

please hide ” edit, del or like that ” but provide access of admin, because it is the role every buyer wanted and test. You will see almost no one in codecanyon who disable admin from buyer. Hope you will a secure way to provide to access admin role. Thanks.

will surely consider.

Hi, we need to translate in other languages, is possible? Thanks

Which language you are planning for?

Hi, I could not add any student, teacher or Parent.

Its show this warning.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in D:\xampp\htdocs\business\wp-content\plugins\school-management\smgt-function.php on line 270

replied on support ticket.

I am not sure why you you mentioned “The author don’t give any response.” But you had this single support request and we did reply to that.Let me know if you still need our help and I will be happy to help you.

Hi There, sent you an email regarding customization, can you check it please?

Please check our reply in the emails.

I watched the demo it really super :). Please add this sms api “Concepto (liveair.in)”& “MSG91”. After this update i am ready to purchase.

yes this will be implemented very soon.

twilio and clickatell option has been added

you can check our sms master plugin.It works with school plugin as well. https://codecanyon.net/item/smsmaster-multipurpose-sms-gateway-for-wordpress/20605853?s_rank=4 We are working on msg91 support and it will be released in the next version.

Do you have any plan to integrate SMS http api module for sending SMS to student or guadian?

yes this can be implemented.

twilio and clickatell option has been added

Thanks a lot


Interesting plugin. A few pre-sales questions:

1. Can parent user group be deactivated if not needed?

2. Are custom fields supported for student records, courses and exams?

3. Is it possible to customise the pdf grade reports that students can download and can different templates be used for different exams?

4. Can grades be imported through a csv file or do they have to be entered manually?

Thanks for showing interest. 1) The best way to deactivate parent group is not creating any parent in the system at all. 2) Not as of now. 3) We have implemented standard PDF with most common format. 4) Grades are generated automatically based on marks achieved for any subject. So within the grades module all will have to do is setup marks ranges and Appropriate grade against that range.

Hi, just installed your plugin.

The plugin menu does not appear in admin side dashboard view.

Suggest some solutions to make this work.

I’ve done some more tests. It seems the issue is only for wplms theme: http://themeforest.net/item/wplms-learning-management-system/6780226

I installed the plugin with a clean wp installation and it works.

But i need it for wplms site…

I understand theme creator should support it for a deeper integration, but for now it would be great if the plugin show up in the side menu of wp admin.

As you are already aware that the plugin are always developed for default wordpress setup. If any theme do not works with it then its a theme issue primarily. Still if you submit the support ticket we can do primary check on this.

Do you have any plan to integrate this cool plugin with woocommerce?

If yes it would be GREAT :)

We will provide online payment support in future but it may not be through woocommerce.

failed to load pdf…..error is still there

What browser and OS you are checking on? Can you try one more time.