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Hello support, Does this plugin support multi-site?

with extended license multi site is possible

Does the plugin support Buddypress and works with anytheme?

not tested with buddypress. Works with default wp themes and avada.

We are interested in buying this for one of our client. But we need to modify somethings, it is open source ?

you can modify the code yes.

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …../wp-content/plugins/school-management/includes/class-library.php:236) in ….../wp-admin/includes/misc.php on line 1114

Any one helpe ?

not able to verify your purchase

Hi this is an awesome plugin i want to buy it but the thing is you use Gregorian calendar in it but i want Solar calendar in it . is there any way that i change it?if with changing the codes, which one should change? Does it support RTL languages like Arabic or Persian? Thanks

Thanks for your interest in our product.

1)   Hi this is an awesome plugin i want to buy it but the thing is you use Gregorian calendar in it but i want Solar calendar in it.
->Yes it is possible with code customization.

2) Does it support RTL languages like Arabic or Persian?


Hi. This looks amazing. We need a way to handle application form before students are accepted to the school and then additional registration forms once they’re accepted. Are these features available?

No. school have accepted the student then after with no more additional registration form.

Can I operate this system offline. Or the school must have full supply of internet?

You can use it in local machine with networking enable.


tuisti Purchased

Hi, I using the latest version of Wordpres, and V44.0 of the School Management plugin. When I try to update the plugin through the Wordpress plugins menu, I get the following error:

School Management: Update package not available.

.. it is strange, because I see a message saying V47.0 is available for updating… but for some reason the updating process doesnt work.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards!


tuisti Purchased

After trying the manual procedure for updating as described in the documentation… I get the following error after activating the plugin…. “The plugin generated 1 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.”

Is this normal? Will the plugin work without any incident?

Kind regards!

Please click on support tab and email us your WordPress admin and FTP details.So we can check it properly and resolve your issue.

Hi can this work with wooocommerce? if so can payments be done from the mobile app?

1) can this work with woo commerce?.

--> Yes.at the moment only PayPal payment gateways.
-->  you can use paymaster payment gateways and use multiple payment gateways.Paymaster Link => https://codecanyon.net/item/paymaster-multipurpose-payment-gateway/19693579?s_rank=24

2) if so can payments be done from the mobile app?.

-->  No.

Hi, i bought this plugin and want to know the shortcodes of this plugin for frontend. Where is login option for students, parents, teachers and stafff from where login???

Please use two shortcodes [smgt_login] and [smgt_student_registration]

Thanks for reply but i need all shortcodes for example parents login and registrations, teachers login and registration and staff login and registration and their attendance shortcode and students attendance and marks and exam shortcodes etc etc

All user login has the same shortcode. registration shortcode is only available for student registration

i just noticed something on your demo.. if enter wrong credentials deliberately it redirects to the wp-admin login.. is there a way to customise so that it remain at front

Thanks for your interest in our product.

We can not understand your requirement so please give more details.

Yes. Please check now.

Is this provide mobile sms service ?

yes its has the sms notifications as feature.

so this mobile sms feature comes with this plugin when i buy this or i have to buy this other than this ?


I have a suggestion for your School Management system & hospital management system. Both of the apps menus should under some main menu. All menu item is randomly sorted.

a. For School Apps, use some main menu like – Student, Teacher, Exam, Fees, Guardian, Library, Transport. b. For Hospital apps, use some main menu like – Doctor, Patients, Nurse, etc.

I think you people are master of it and understand more than us.

Thank for those awesome applications.

Thanks for suggestion, we will look in to it.


Mednassih Purchased

do you support infobip for SMS API ?

not really.


Mednassih Purchased

In the demo. We can not create students. Classes.

In the demo, you can register student from the frontend page.Please visit the link http://www.mobilewebs.net/mojoomla/extend/wordpress/school/student-registration/

Dear I checked your system and i appreciate the hard work you guys put in it, my first question is your system can integrated with Finger print machine to track attendance for student and staff? this is so important to my clients. Thx

No. This feature is not available in the current version.but we can do it with code customization.Please check the below device for which we can add support. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/kzMAAOSwmwtaRMNR/s-l300.jpg

Hi, do you recomend any theme in particular ?. Thanks in advance

we have tested with default wp theme and avada.

Does it support WPML ? Thanks

Does it support WPML ? Thanks => We have not checked it.But this plguni do support multiple languages, we provide .po file that you can use to translate into any language.

Can I set my own calendar (with customized holidays)?

Does it support export the data in csv or excel files?

Can I set my own calendar (with customized holidays)? -You can add holidays, notices and birthdays to the calendar. -You can export students and print invoices and mark-sheets.

Does it support export the data in csv or excel files?

Hello, I need a way to set recurring bills so the parents of my students automatically get a bill every month. It doesn’t have to be an automatic recurring billing with paypal. However, we cannot generate an invoice for 1000+ students.

How can we achieve this?

Also, the recurring enrollment fee would be once year, that’s another thing we want to add.

This feature is not available in the current version but it can be done with code customization.