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Nice simple system, wordpress is used, thats great, I only spent like 5 minutes in your system but you have 1 major flaw. The fact that as a parent I can message others kids is a no no!!, that part of the system is open and I am hoping this is something I can configure on the backend to restrict the parent to only message the teachers my kid is enrolled in class with. Please clarify prior to purchase if this is the case else I will need to wait for next release till this is corrected.

System Admin -> able to message all Teacher -> students and their parents Parents -> only their childs teachers

SMS would be nice to have as a feature also.

Thanks for the comments.

At this moment parent can send message to all student or parent's child's class student. We will do parent can send message to their child in future update.

Hello.. I like your script.. PERFECT..! I wish you make for PHP version too..

releasing soon

i love this plugin but could this plugin works with my wordpress users or i need to add students to it differently ?

Okay, thank you very much. how about additional payment method as paypal and stripe don’t works in my region. can other payment method that works for wordpress works for it ?

you can modify the code to integrate payment gateway of your choice. which payment gateway you plan to use?

http://cashenvoy.com/ is the payment method that works all fine mostly here or 2checkout

Hi, prepurchase question please. Is it compatible with buddypress and can I sync my buddypress users accounts to Teacher, Student account? Thank you

no its not been tested for buddypress.

Hi, I have a bug with exam date. It kept reverting to 1/1/1970.

We have fixed this issue in last update.So please use our latest plugin. If you still face any issue then share your wordpress admin login detail, so we can check it properly.

Help please i keep getting this error on my general setting page what do i do about it? Call Stack
  1. Time Memory Function Location 1 0.0179 458136 {main}( ) ..\admin.php:0 2 6.7376 37693168 do_action( ) ..\admin.php:236 3 6.7378 37694120 call_user_func_array ( ) ..\plugin.php:503 4 6.7378 37694136 gnrl_settings( ) ..\plugin.php:0 5 6.7479 37833664 require_once( ‘C:\wamp\www\tisms\wp-content\plugins\school-management\admin\includes\general-settings.php’ ) ..\admin.php:57 6 6.7557 37833848 get_remote_file( ) ..\general-settings.php:99
( ! ) Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in C:\wamp\www\tisms\wp-content\plugins\school-management\smgt-function.php on line 48

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Hello @Dasinfomedia, Quite a great plugin you have here.. I just check through all the modules and I must commend you. Infact am almost about paying for this plugin right now till I noticed some major flaw in the system, The system doesn’t allow for Continuous Assessment (Test) which is usually 30% of the total scores in most schools. Then It’s gonna be quite cumbersome for a teacher to be adding comment to each subject per class. Isn’t it possible to have something like principal’s or teacher’s comment in the overall score sheet for each student per class… Instead of per subject.

Thanks for your interest. This feature can be implemented with code customization.

So If I want to customize it, how would I go about it?

you need to know the wp coding if you want to do by yourself or you can ask our customization team to help with quote.

how we allot a transport to a student?

Default version not do not have transport allotment feature. All Students can see available transports which are added by admin on back-end. If you need this feature it can be done with some customization..

Pre sale question, will student be able to login by class and access their homework for the day? I want teachers to be able to upload homework and assignments for students to download for the day.

Yes, student can login in system and will be able to see his all details.System does not have homework module. But it can be implement with code customization.

i have just installed this plugin , but whenever i submit any form it takes me to page not found , i am from non technical background so dont know why page not found is coming, is there any settings to done before starting filling information.

Try saving your permalink settings.Go to settings permalinks and save changes.

Hello, How can I set total mark from 0-10? You can let me know the file location and I can fix the number myself. The default is from 0-100 hence my site is showing full of failed students. Thank you :)

Please change in to this files.Make sure to backup this files 1st.

x is number of marks

1) admin\includes\marks\index.php line:404 change this “Mark Obtained(out of 100)” to “Mark Obtained(out of x)”

2) admin\includes\report\index.php line: 20 to 40 change “WHERE m.marks <40” to “WHERE m.marks <x”


macalou Purchased

1-How can I change the language to french ? 2-Can I change the messages which will be sent to a parent in case his / her child is absent ?

1. Plugin comes with default PO file.All you have to do is to translate words of the file using POedit tool or google translator kit. and save it in language folder.

2. Currently plugin has static message.But it is possible with customization.


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Which File do I need to customise ? Give me the name of the file which contains the messages and I’ll customise myself ? Thank you

1) /template/attendance.php : Line 30 and 132.

2) /admin/includes/attendence/index.php : Line 54 and 163 "Your Child ".get_user_name_byid($stud->ID)." is absent today."; change above text as per your need. Keep this double quotes ( ” and .) and dot. ".get_user_name_byid($stud->ID)." will print student name so use this code accordingly.

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I can’t see the login page in menus or pages list. What do i do?

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how can i customize plugin to download student or teacher attendance as pdf or csv ?

You must need some coding skills to add this features. You can use mpdf library to view/download as pdf.This library already been used in plugin. Add your code to view attendance pages.