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I need information. You have this component sale on your site? You have sales annual subscription of this component for multiple domains? We are a web agency and want to buy your component.

I’m glad you answer the comments That means we can count on good support.

Thank you ! There have only manual payment system not online payment. good news next version coming 3 online payment method 1) paypal 2) Poli 3) Skrill

Thank you I’m in Brazil. When you provide the multi-language version I will translate it back to pt-BR and send it to you for analysis and who knows how to put it in your component.

Its component is promising. I think if you create a translation group on Transifex, it can help a lot.

Hi friend. I need a integration of Boletos Payment (its a brazilian payment like invoices to pay)

Image link: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-XTYplcaN0iM/U7NMsx-3t1I/AAAAAAAAB9I/-11VFEEOvkQ/s1600/BoletoBancario.png


We have a integration in Brazil called Gerencianet.

Documentation Link: https://dev.gerencianet.com.br/docs/instalacao-da-api ).

It works with API.

Could you integrate that and how much costs that ?

Thanks ! Please check email.

Hello. I am also in Brazil and I would like to suggest you integrate Virtue Mart with your component to make the payment system. I will explain to you: Here in Brazil we have means of Brazilian payments, Pag Seguro, boleto, bank transfer, net management, Cielo etc .. If you integrate Virtue Mart to your component will facilitate the life of all. Not only of Brazilians – but of users from all over the world. Openvips is our partner in our company.

Thanks for suggest . i will try to add more payment system there.

can we use a single purchase at multiple domain?

One License For One Domain Only – www.website1.com

you can use one license for One Domain multiple subdomains – www.website1.com, www.page.website1.com, portal.website1.com

more details: https://forums.envato.com/t/licensing-for-a-multiple-domain-portal/74025

Do you already have an expected date to upgrade your component?

I already update the component and it now under review.

Is it possible to add scholarships for students with monthly stipend record. We are providing free education and paid education. For free education we also pay some amount to needy students per month. Secondly I didn’t found a student promotion system to next semester/class with a record to its previous class.

1) Students stipend not possible on current system. we need upgrade to next version for students stipend System.

2) for promotion student you can change student class, section ,Division, roll & year. one click promotion system not have current system.

Great Work


Hello, I want to buy the product called “School Management”. However, the product is somewhat inadequate. Some fixes are required. You can increase the price a little more and make these wishes. Contact bilgeokull@gmail.com. address turkey

Please check email. Thanks

very interesting! What would happen if a parent has 2 or more children? Is it possible as a father to switch among each son status?

Good Idea ! we accept your idea. and next version will be fix 1 more children for one parent issue.

Thanks fernandovn

I can not make the component stay in my language. I am in Brazil and my language is pt-BR. Also I could not find in the component the method of payment in Paypal.


the extension now still working with multi-language . in demo site still working Brazil language. look : http://sms.zwebtheme.com/pt/

please set your language as follow my step below:
  1. ) get Administrator => Schools Management System
  2. ) click on “Language” from left menu-bar
  3. ) click on “pt-BR”
  4. ) change your custom brazil language.
  5. ) Done

2nd about Paypal Payment: i think you didn’t saw our feature clearly. there still say that the extension only support manual payment not online payment.

but we still developing some online payment system. and will be upgrade soon.


We are anxiously awaiting the implementation of payment plugins. They are required for an online system.

Hi, I’m in Brazil. We are a subscriber of your school control component. I see that the online payment industry is not ready yet. How much do you charge to deploy in your component a ticket system and a Brazilian gatway – can be the secure pag or gerencianet.

Hi there, the plugin has some bugs:
1.add student can’t dropdown and select year.
2. when add a new teacher or parent, can’t save.

Joomla 3.6.5,
PHP 5.6.28,
Mysql: 5.6.33

Could you know that where you face bugs Administrator ? Front-end ? our plugin still now working http://sms.zwebtheme.com/ And http://sms.zwebtheme.com/administrator/ both site.

please send screenshot to our support email : support@zwebtheme.com


1)Year Issue:

i can see you didn’t configuration for Academic year. please follow step below =>Get Components => Schools Management System => Students => Get Toolbar right section . there you can see 2 set-up button (1.attendance 2.Manage Academic Year) => click on “Manage Academic Year” => now you can add/edit/delete Or manage year drop-down list. => after all you can see year drop-down list in student add from.

2) Parent & Teacher issue:

i think you miss/ignore “Parent Account Details” tab in parent form. if you enable parent/teacher account then you need must be fill-up. if you not want then need to disable parent/teacher account in “configuration” section.

for enable/disable Account please get => Get Components => Schools Management System => Configuration => Account Setting Tab.

same issue for teacher.

hope now help for solved your issue.


Saudacao. Eu comprei o aplicativo. Gostaria de saber como posso instalar o School Management System for Joomla

Saudação. Eu comprei o aplicativo. Gostaria de saber como posso instalar o School Management System for Joomla