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Hi, we have a 1-1 music school and wondered if this component can handle teachers/pupils timetables? We have 5 classrooms and several teachers to schedule. Thanks

Hello, using our extension can manage teachers/students profile, account only can’t manage timetable.

so could you reference that how type timetable you want to manage ? then we can update next version.

you also can manage multi-class for your teachers/students.


Hi, thanks for the swift response.

The timetable would all be backend, so no need for front end use.

A timetable filterable by room/teacher would be perfect, split into 1/2hr slots.

The booking would be to assign a teacher & pupil, to the room from date x to date y.

The pupil pays for x weeks, but this doesn’t necessarily have to tie to the booking, although it would be good if the booking could only happen if the pupil had credit on account, but not essential.

The pupil would generally keep the same time slot every week so recurring booking or even ‘recurring for x weeks’ would be useful.

I think that is the idea, not sure how easy it would be to integrate.

Thanks, Ben.

Hi, I would like to know exactly the difference of regular license and extended license.Its not clear on the website. Please email me at

hi, I have observed that the school management component is only for High schools, I want you to add the following features to your component or you can add the following features to my component , I got a contract for community college , I want the component to have the following features: 1. Administration should be able to publish their semester schedules 2, Student should have the right to plan the course and their sections from the schedule that were posted by School Administrators 3. Administrator should approve the student courses or sections that was planed 4. the system should automatic generate student bills per the courses they planed 5. the system should automation generate the student control sheet with all their courses the related financial bill. Skype Name:Samuel Kortimai

can you please give me your Skype Name for  better discussion
I hope to hear from you soon

Hi, sorry for delay reply. because i am face to problem with my hosting problem. so i can’t check support email.

BTW i am interested about customized your 5 feature. please more details about 5 feature to


I plan to insert prompts into the system so that each student can access their profile when they can see their notes. How can I do it?

Would you like to know how I can enter Results of the student exams so that they can see?

Yes. I want to import exams with the respective students’ grades

Yes. I want to import exams with the respective students’ grades

you can only student exam mark import by subject as excl file. when you input mark the student grade be automatic calculate as grade rule. you can essy to manage grade system in grade management.

Got the following error message when I click on component / school management system: JGLOBAL_NO_MATCHING_RESULTS Yesterday I couldn’t use it because it says that the user name or purchase code was invalid. Any advise about the JGLOBAL?

are you successfully activate your purchase code ? if can’t please send me details

I have emailed you the images with the error messages,also the printscreen of each steeps and the purchase details. Thanks!

Hi! I’m very interesting to get this software but i want to know how many students, teachers or accounts in general can support. I have a school with 700 students in total and have to considered parents and teachers apart of these. Best regards.

Hello, you can input unlimited students, teacher & parent account. and you can promotion each year Or can add new student every year as you want.


Can teacher import student marks with .csv? Can student see all subject marks in table? I don’t want to select for each subject.

Hello, it is possible to put on the teacher’s blackboard a menu item where you can list all the students in the group, and if you have several groups, you can select which group list to show

Additionally, the message can send a whole group of students and not just one

Thank you very much

yes possible but we thinking about new plugin for this.


Hello there, interested in buying this software.does this joomla project have a menu and module setting besides the component one? Does it support Greek language?

Kind Regards Theo

Hi, yes you can set as menu item for component.

it support multi-language. more details about multi-language please read documentation here:

so you can easy to add you Greek language there.



talljohn Purchased

Is there a way to revoke license and reinstall license on the same domain? I tried to reinstall and apply the license, but it says that license already exists on the same domain, and unable to apply.

you can use one time with one domain only. BTW i reset your license. so you can install and activate again now. Thanks