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Bek Purchased

please help me! My schoex can send any information attendance to student’s parents includes present and absent

Hello Sir, Please check that Communication via check boxes in the Edit users are checked for mail / SMS

Hello SolutionsBricks I buy single license last year I would like to change my installation URL (was installed on a subdomain) to another URL (another domain) but I keep getting “Purchase code is missing” Error How do I resolve this?

Please reply to this ticket id #46960848 it’s very urgent… Please

Hi Sir, Ticket #2502411 is just opened today and our technical team will handle it ASAP

Why does not answer my questions?

Ticket solved successfully. Thanks for being on of our customers

can i use this system on PHP 7.1 version

Sure sir.

plzz add due fee sms reminder then i will purches it

That feature already scheduled to be on our next version. Cheers

please tell me when will you release ios version ( days , weeks , months ,, years!) i need it necessary .. should i hire an ios developer or wait for days or weeks ?

Hi Sir, Release date not specified yet. But our team is working on that

hello sir when you released next version?

Our next release date not yet specified.


Itinaukri Purchased

dear sir, I need feature for multi branch, tell me customization details

Hi Sir, We’ll release new solution soon the form of SaaS Cloud that will support that feature. If you interested please contact us on

SMS can use with modem on our SIM card in country?

Schoex can work with any device provides HTTP End point. So of your modem will provide that http endpoint, The answer is YES

Hi, Firstly I would like to appreciate for your demo and your support comments. Question 1. Can I add question in regional language ? Question 2. I first type question in then i convert English to any Telugu language and I paste that question in question field. Does it reflects same on students online exam?

Thank you sir for contacting us. 1- Sure, You can add new language from the control panel. Schoex provide easy way to define new language and translate phrases. 2- I cannot get your point. Please clarify more.

Thank you for your reply. I want to create online exams in regional languages. Because people here have good talent to learn new things but unable to learn news things only because they don’t know English language. Language is there main concern. So if I create online question in English as well as in there regional language, they can understand questions well and can answer well.

So above is the concept why i’m buying your product. In one word I can say that I want to create online exams in Hindi , Telugu languages.

i need to ios app sir

Hi Sir, Our team is working on iOS app and will be available soon.

approximate date

Our team is already working on it and it should be available within 1.5 Months.

1. Can this send automatic message to parent if any student is marked absent? 2. Can whatsapp be integrated to send messages ?

Hi sir, 1- already supported 2-whatsapp can’t be integated as there is no api available for it. But we have android app and soon iOS app will be available


asevims Purchased


can I send email notifications automatically if I add a new mark/grade to an exam for a student?

Best regards

That feature already available in our latest release.

docs url not working

Item refunded

You’re welcome

Any concession on purchase of SMS and Android app

Hi Sir, Currently we don’t provide sms services while we have plan to do that in future. Android app costs $40 and you can purchase from our website

Sir Can you pre installed one more user option of Accountant

Accountant user will be available next release

or anything like super admin to watch over admin, teacher, student or parent

You can define administrators with custom previllages


Sparkel Purchased

Please give me update on next release date and mobile app ASAP.

Can we apply new theme ? also we are unable to install on local host please advise.

To add new theme, you need to have knowledge in HTML and some of php also. To get detailed information and to get help in localhost installation, kindly open new support tikcet in our website

Also I notice the laravel version is old, Can you please let me know if you can update version to latest ? Out local server is running with PHP 7 so please confirm compatibility of your script with PHP 7.

Also will your system work based on theme ? I mean if we will change theme by taking third party help will next update replace updated theme to your default ? Please confirm.

Thank you