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isaaceze Purchased

Hi, kindly respond to the request on this ticket “8151271”, thanks.

Hello, I wanted to ask: why there are a Fee and Fee type but I have to add invoice manually!

is there any way to generate these invoice or I am on the wrong page?

Hi Sir, Both options are available. You can Generate it manually and you can specify specific dates to be generated automatically

is it possible to disable the entire site payment function?

Hello solutionsbricks, few questions before i buy. 1. instead of taking attendance for each subject, can i take general attendance for the day like attendance for Monday Tuesday and so on. 2. how can i take the test exam i need to see how it works. 3. Are android and IOS apps included in purchase if yes how can i test the demo apps 4.

1- Sure, From settings you’ll be able to do that switch 2- Read about it more from our docs page 3- Not included, Must be purchased separately.


Can you clarify, if this support multi school management?

1.I did not see the function of creating student marks?

2. Do you have a frontend site? What sample link?

1- You can see it in Exams List area 2- No

Really this I saw. Now I just do not know how I make a marksheet for each specific student. I need to know how it works, do it in practice so I can buy the script. I need to see if it fits our school standards.

Hi, I still have not been able to configure how to disable accounts created on the platform. I still can’t create my own account roles for example whereby I can enable edit, and delete or etc functions. How can I create accounts and not have anyway to disable accounts. So for example if a student is no longer in the school and we don’t want to give them access, or parents who are not paying fees etc how do we disable their accounts so they don’t have access to login into both mobile app and web app????

i try to reinstall this and im not able to configure always saying purcshase code is missing this i already buy and input why now not working i alread open ticket still no responses