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PRE Qn:I’m thinking of buying..surprised its only 5 sales :P Very well done.I am MORE then interested to “LEARN” how you did it from the capx file.I can monitize it with Admob? And want to change a lot of the graphics. Also the music do you have resource to be able buy different music LIKe this one too? Thanks

Hi, yes monetize the game with AdMob easy, there are a lot of lessons on the subject links to them here: Intel XDK=AdMob ADS https://software.intel.com/en-us/html5/articles/ads-for-crosswalk-and-construct-2 Mopub+Cocoonjc=AdMob ADS https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/781/how-to-setup-admob-ads-on-construct-2-mopub-cocoonjs

Easy to change graphics included are all the textures in PNG format with a transparent background, you can change them in their Photoshop or PaintNET.

CAPX is easily changed, I provide any assistance to customers with the creation and modification project in any time 24/7

Audio soundtracks can make you a custom-made according to your desire.

Thanks. Mussle-SS

ok..will buy shortly. :) Waiting for email back from Envato Support.Were not allowed to sell these apps on regular license, i understand and that’s more then obvious. The templates no different then the WordPress themes i have bought from here and have Google adsense ads on them so having ad mob ads in the FREE game should not be an issue,just like ads on a html5 site hosting a game..but, im just checking with them first as i cannot find any info in any license with reference to ad, ads,adsense, AdMob, adverts…none of these keywords appear in their licenses so just checking to make sure. As it says: ”...Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are….”not charged for”...” They wont be charged,it will be FREE to download and play but have an AdMob ad in it…obviously, and that’s my understanding of the regular license. You probably know this but I’ll wait to hear back. As i said..VERY nicely done and i hope you make more like this please :D

If necessary, I will help you with the installation and configuration of AdMob ads, and you can observe the appearance of advertising in the game.

Just purchased :) If i need any help will let you know. See if you can make a painting/drawing type game like this http://codecanyon.net/item/pixel-masterhtml5-pixel-painting-game/6266695 and would buy it from ya..but make some more please..your quality is very good..thanks :) Rob

No worries….thanks mate…love ya work :D Buying the other one NOW…can i please buy some kids backgrounds off you as well? Let me know what to do there..Thanks :) BUYERS: The product is very high quality, the capx file is well laid out and not messy and is one of the better products i have found.

Write me your email, and in the evening I have a few examples of work in PNG format send.

Watched my email, I saw your message, on the evening, of the same address send examples of graphic works on kids.

I just purchased . i try open with construct 2. it error . ” Admob FE plugin” not install. please introduce me

Just open your construct 2 and drag him this file, it will install automatically, then just restart construct 2 and open the game! If there are more questions, please write to you, I skipped help to solve them!

Hi. I would like to ask if the score results are saved in a database like MySQL? Thank you. :)

Yes, they are saved in Web Storage in full version.


I tried to make a good and beautiful game. Thank you!

I bought this game and can say that It is great. Thanks to the seller.


Is there a project for android studio?

Hi, this game is built on the game engine Construct 2.