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apk demo?

Here is the apk for testing : http://1drv.ms/1JGYOqs

at android 5.0.2 while add number it is force close.can you fix it?

I have tested it with 5.0. Not with upgraded version like 5.x.x etc. If error occurs in lower versions, then I can fix that.

Are this app for free sent messages..

It will send messages from your SIM…

admob ?? any ads network

No Ad Network Integrated in it. But you can add any network which want.

Wen you upgrade with the ads net wrk integration… Please do let me know i will buy it Thank you

I may not upgrade it. If I upgraded it, it may take some time.

Here is the apk for testing : http://1drv.ms/1JGYOqs

any fix for 5.x.x ?

Is it HTC Phone?

Sorry I don’t have that device for testing. I have testing on other devices having 5.x.x and working fine. .

Dear dreamapps,

I found issue “More than 2 SMS send at same time not working properly”. I can see the issue “More than 2 SMS send at same time not working properly” is fixed in github (“wrong issue”, opened this Issue on Apr 1, 2014). Could you please send me a update version? my email: mhongson @ yahoo[dot]com . I am very appreciate your help.

Thanks you so much

Hi, Thanks for your comment. Will update the code soon and upload it again.. By the way, don’t forget to rate this app. Thanks

Dear dreamapps,

Sorry for late reply. Hope to see your update soon. I have rated 5 stars for this app.

Thanks you so much.

Thank you so much.

Do you get the source code and with modification can this be used to schedule WhatsApp messages?

I didn’t get your point.

1. Do you get full source code?

2. Can the app be modified to schedule WhatsApp messages instead of sms?

1. Yes it is full source code. 2. If you can edit the code then you can code it to schedule Whatsapp messages.

1. Can the popup tips be edited on my server?

2. Can you create SMS templates?

1. What do you mean by popup tips. Kindly write every question in detail which you ask.

2. Yes

Hi, can I ad admob code with (android studio) to display ads (banners, interstitial, etc) ? Thanks